Happy 10th Birthday, Little D!

I can hardly believe that my first born is in double digits.  It boggles the mind, is what it does.


I love that you still like to snuggle and will even hold my hand in public.  I love how sweet you are to your sisters.  I love your passion for sports and your sense of humor.  I love how you think practicing math facts is fun.  I can’t believe you looked like this just six months ago.


Okay, so it was six years.  But who can keep up?

Happy Birthday, Little D!

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  1. What a handsome young man. Believe me they grow up quick, mine is 27. He seems like a great kid. Love those candles on the cake. Happy birthday Little D.

  2. Many birthday wishes to your Little D. My boys had a ride-on similar to that one. They LOVE anything John Deere.

  3. Oh the big 1-0! Congratulations.
    We had 2 birthdays this month…one of them being the big 5! (In New Zealand they start school at 5, so a big dealio)
    I survived a birthday part of 20 kids and lived to tell the tale! Hope you and your family had a lovely relaxing evening (with a yummy dinner to boot!)

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