Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Yesterday was my youngest daughter’s 6th birthday. I. Cannot. Believe it.

I know every mother says this at every birthday, but this one feels huge to me.

I have definitely entered a new phase of parenthood with this one. Or perhaps exited a phase is more like it. In fact, that is exactly what is so heart breaking. Entering a new stage is awesome. There is so much to look forward to. But exiting a stage, particularly a delightful stage like the preschool years, can be hard to accept.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had bottles or diapers in the house, and I admit that while I loved babies, it wasn’t too awfully hard to put that stage behind me. Those were hard years — glorious, but hard.

Saying an official good-bye to the preschool years is more bittersweet. She is changing so fast, and looking at that toothless smile makes my heart hurt. And yet, so much is still familiar. I love those inquisitive blue eyes, that freckled face, those sturdy legs. She’s still my baby, she’s just growing up is all.

We let her open her presents as soon as she woke up. Barbie was the theme of the day.

She also got a new bike, which she put to good use today as the weather was gorgeous, and she had all day to stay home and play.

(Yes, we made her go back and put on shoes and a helmet when we realized she was out there riding like that!!)

She’s the kind of kid that lights up a room.

She’s the one we go to when we misplace something around the house or need someone to fetch something quickly. Her teachers all praise her for her obedience and sunshiny demeanor. Of course, at home she has her moments. She’s Jekyll & Hyde, that one. Yet even in her defiance I have a hard time not bursting out laughing. (Which probably explains why she gets away with far too much.)

She loves Barbies and nail polish and dolls and scooters and, best of all, snuggles from mommy. Not to mention birthday cakes and Tinkerbell.

tinkerbell birthday cake
by Cake Couture LLC

Happy 6th Birthday, my love!!!

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10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

  1. She looks so happy.

    she looks so much like you!

    Did you make the cake yourself?

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Love this precious post. Your cake is gorgeous!! So wish I could have been there. The pictures are wonderful. You (or hubby) really captured this sweet little one with the camera. I’ll wait eagerly until you upload these photos!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!

    Also, I STILL remember your potty training post about thinking she’d forever be on the potty chair in front of the TV (or something like that). Time is flying by and nothing makes me realize it more than a post like this.


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