Hauling Myself Back Up on the Wagon

So I went to the gym this morning.  I did NOT want to go.  What I REALLY wanted to do was stay home and while away the day on the computer.  (Yes, it is while and not wile — I looked it up and found this, in case you’re OCD like I am and have to know this stuff.) 

But since that’s gonna do nothing to help rid myself of the spare tire around my midsection, I donned my new yoga pants and tank top and drug myself to the gym this morning.  Usually the energy in the place is contagious, and even when I don’t feel like working out, I get motivated when I walk through the doors.  But not this morning.

I couldn’t bring myself to lift weights, so I went straight to a treadmill and started walking.  S-l-o-o-o-w-l-y.  I plugged in my handy-dandy headphones so I could hear the TVs instead of squinting to read the closed captioning across the bottom of the screens.  I worked up to a respectable pace, but I still wasn’t getting that boost of energy that usually sets in after I warm up.

Finally I decided that perhaps I needed some tunes, so I unplugged from the TVs and hooked up my iPod.  I was doing alright when Harder To Breathe by Maroon 5 came on.  (Do you like my sophisticated taste in music?)  But seriously, yall, that song had me charged.  Before I knew it, I was upping my pace on the treadmill and pumping my arms with the best of them.  I think I hit replay twice.

So my goal this afternoon to is to create a Treadmill Playlist on my iPod.  Any suggestions for what I should put on it?  What gets you pumped up to exercise?

I was feeling pretty good when I came out of the gym, and as I got in my car to drive home, I thought to myself, I’m just going to have an apple and a yogurt for lunch.  And I’m going to drink a ton of water today.  And I’m going to get back on the wagon and lose that five pounds I was saying I can’t seem to budge.  I can do this.  I’m sick of feeling schlumpy.

Right about that moment, I heard my 2-year-old squawking for something in the backseat.  I turned around to see what she wanted, and what did I spy under the front of her seat but a familiar green box of those evil Girl Scout cookies.  We put them in the car on Saturday with the intention of bringing them to my friend’s house where we went for the Super Bowl.  Inside was an unopened roll of Thin Mints and an unopened roll of Do-Si-Dos™.  Do-Si-Dos™ are my FAVES.  Evidently we never brought them in on Saturday, so there they sat, staring at me, TEMPTING me with their delicious peanut butter goodness.

I could have left them there, unharmed.  Or I could have brought them in the house and put them in the freezer to save for the next time we need to bring a sweet treat to a friend’s house.  Or I could have thrown them out the car window to eliminate the temptation entirely.

But do you think I did any of those things?  If you said yes, then you might need to check the URL because you’re probably at the wrong blog.

Yes, I succumbed.  But.  I am pleased to tell you that there is half of a roll left.  Of each kind.  And I did have a little bit of help from a certain 2-year-old with a sweet tooth that rivals her mommy’s.  And I did have yogurt for lunch.  So the day’s not totally shot.  Not yet anyways.

No where did I put the rest of those cookies . . .

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  1. LOL! Y’know, my neighbors just came over yesterday with the evil cookies. I controlled myself – just 2 boxes for us, and one for the troops. And I am also battling five pounds….I like to listen to The Killers’ “Sam’s Town” CD nowadays but I used to have a really amped up mix CD with songs from Queen, U2 and some rockin’ 70’s tunes……

  2. Come Sail Away by Styx is the COOLEST warmup song!

    Boston- More than a feeling
    Elton John- I’m Still Standing
    Genesis- almost anything.

    Can you tell I am stuck in the 80’s?

  3. Stronger- by Kayne West (great beat and inspirational words- if you ignore the insinuations)

    Baby Got Back- Sir Mix Alot
    Good Vibrations- Marky Mark
    Bust A Move-Young MC
    Gratitude- Oingo Boingo

    And why yes, I do miss the 80’s.

  4. Those thin mints are pure evil. I am just lucky they were sold out of Tagalongs or I would have been in serious trouble.

    Hmmm…I don’t work out but here are some songs that get me all hyped up. As lame some (or all) may sound.

    1. Smash Mouth – All Star
    2. Chumbawamba – Tub Thumping
    3. Dierks Bentley – What was I thinking
    4. Bowling for soup – come back to texas
    5. Destiny’s Child – Survivor
    6. Outkast-Hey ya
    7. Violent Femmes – Blister In The Sun
    8. Pink – Get this party started
    9. Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend
    10.Alien Ant Farm – Smooth Criminal
    11. Kelly clarkson – Since You been gone
    12. Fountains of Wayne- Stacy’s Mom
    13. Whitesnake – Here I go again

  5. Here is a selection from my ipod gym playlist

    Left Outside Alone Anastacia
    Whole Again Atomic Kitten
    Sk8er Boi Avril Lavigne
    Year 3000 Busted
    Crashed The Wedding Busted
    Crazy Chick Charlotte Church
    Sister’s Are Doing It For Themselves Eurythmics
    Sound Of The Underground Girls Aloud
    Love Machine Girls Aloud
    Jump Girls Aloud
    Footloose Kenny Loggins
    Can’t Get You Out Of My Head Kylie Minogue
    Five Colours In Her Hair McFly
    Livin’ La Vida Loca Ricky Martin
    Pretty Woman Roy Orbison
    I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’ Scissor Sisters It’s Raining Men Bridget Jones’s Diary Soundtrack
    When You’re Looking Like That Westlife
    Grace Kelly MIKA

  6. You were reading my mind about while vs. wile! LOL!!

    My hubby has lost almost 20 lbs since Christmas! Ugh! I had better get started or he’ll weigh less than me (I’m serious!). I started walking with the baby in the stroller, and I think I pulled something in my left buttcheek. And I have a permanent cramp in my left calf!

    A song that totally gets me pumped is Awaken by Natalie Grant.

  7. One advantage to living out of the country: no tempting girl scout cookies! I could put those down with the best of ’em! A good cup of coffee…and whatever was open! I used to eat the ones with coconut and chocolate straight from the freezer. Yum!

    But, back to your question, Theme from Rocky! How can you NOT get motivated?!

  8. I am loving this new song by Sara Bareilles called “Love Song”. It’s upbeat and catchy (just be careful you don’t bust out singing!)… Let’s see what else? How about “New Shoes” by Paulo Nutini or “New Soul” by Yael Naim (a little strange, but you’ll recognize it from the new Macbook Air commercial). OR I actually really love “Great Divide” by Hanson- try it before you judge me! It’s no mmmbop.

  9. I am missing the Girl Scouts apparently. I have not been asked to buy any cookies by anyone. Why?

    As for songs, here are a few on my workout playlist (not that I have worked out lately).

    Keep Waiting–Stavesacre
    Solid Rock–Delirious (my most favorite band ever)
    Gold and Silver–Stavesacre
    Paint the Town Red–Delirious
    Rain Down–Delirious

    That is just a sampling, with more typical workout songs. Now, I also like songs that are just inspiring, although they may not be amped up songs. Those would be songs like Miracle Maker and Our God Reigns by Delirious (seeing a theme?). I love music and I love telling people what I like. If you end up listening to any of these songs let me know what you think.

    And way to go–going to the gym. I think you may have been a little optimistic in making so many changes at one time in the car. Go easy on yourself. 🙂

  10. I hear ya on being tired of feeling schlumpy. (I have never used that word before.)

    I’m back in the gym after almost 2 years of not really working out. It’s tough, but I got myself a personal trainer for the lifting weights part, and I’m a big fan of watching The View while on the cardio machines.

  11. Def Leppard is awesome. I also love some Stoney LaRue (not sure of the spelling) but it is mostly good for warm-up and cool down (that’s some good Texas country). Good job getting back on the wagon. I’ve been going for 3-4 weeks now, but it gets tough during the middle of the week. And I’m mostly doing the cardio because I’m not sure which weight machines to use at this gym. Which sucks because I know weights is the fastest way to drop the weight, well that plus cardio. Good luck! Keep it up!

  12. LOL! That’s exactly the reason why I didn’t buy any Girl Scout cookies this year. But usually I hide them from my girls so I get them all myself!

  13. Oh, I am feeling the pain of getting back to the gym. Little motivation, but very much needed.

    I find that I need about 15-18 minutes to get myself going on any cardio equipment. So, I have some more laid back tunes loaded until I reach that point.

    These are some of my favorites that I have to keep me pumped up.

    Middle of the Road – Pretenders
    Sweet Escape – Gwen Stefani
    Just a Girl – No Doubt
    Hella Good – No Doubt
    Ray of Light – Madonna
    Say it Right – Nelly Furtado
    Whine it Up – Cat Deluna
    Take My Life – Jeremy Camp
    Stay – Jeremy Camp
    Good Riddance – Green Day
    Love Cats – The Cure
    Forever and Ever – David Crowder Band
    You are My Joy – David Crowder Band
    We Win – David Crowder Band
    Sing Praises – Third Day
    Get On – Third Day

    There is a new Rhianna song I want to add – Don’t stop the Music
    And I have been thinking of adding these: by Natasha Bedingfields’ Love Like This and Unwritten.

    2 songs I love to listen to to cool down
    Come and Listen – David Crowder Band
    Breaking my Fall – Jeremy Camp

    Okay, I could go on all day about music.

  14. I gotta hit the gym too. Not to lose weight, seeing that I am 4 months pregnant, but to get some dadgum energy!

    I will be stealing some music picks from the comments! I love Janel’s…Gwen, Madonna, Green Day and a little Jeremy Camp and David Crowder mixed in.

  15. ahem. you totally have to have some tobyMac in there!!

    and, i LOVE rocking out to the Counting Crows, but i think most of their songs have slow parts in them that would get you all screwed up. lol.

  16. I just pulled up the playlist I made for running. It seems my exercise was aided by two different types of music: inspirational lyrics or a beat that matched my pace.

    Some of the inspirational ones are:
    Toby Keith – How Do You Like Me Now
    Van Halen – Right Now
    Commodores – Brick House
    Rodney Atkins – If You’re Going Through Hell

    For a good pace setting, driving beat I listened to:
    Lifehouse – Hanging By a Moment
    Metallica – Holier than Thou, Enter Sandman
    Evanescence – My Immortal
    The Calling – Wherever You Will Go (could fall in either category)
    Blind Melon – No Rain

    Plus some already mentioned in other comments (All Star, Tubthumping).

    Hey, how did The Wiggles get in there! 😉

  17. That`s why I like reading your blog. You are so down to earth and admit to not being as deciplined as one would like to be…. That shows me other people struggle with the same things I do.
    Thanks for the honesty!

  18. don’t forget the old ass song by wilson-phillips, hold on.” i had it on early ’90’s workout mix tape. it came on right as i hit a big hill. made me trudge right up and conquer it.

  19. OK, I’m glad you’re OCD and will check on these things because this has been bothering me this week– further vs. farther?

    What’s the rule, chica?

  20. lately i’m liking Shake It by Metro Station, great beat, 80s vibe, and my kids love it too (prob. the easy-to-memorize chorus).

    oh, and all the songs i can’t, or shouldn’t, listen to around my kids (the BAD songs) are on my running list. something about throw-down, talkin’ smack songs that gets me going.

  21. I’m kinda embarrased to admit it, but my favorite running music to listen to right now is the Hairspray soundtrack! What can I say, I am a sucker for musicals.

    The songs have the perfect beat to keep my feet moving at a steady clip.


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