Having a God-Attitude

Do you have a God-attitude?  Do you see God in everything?  Do you SEEK God in everything?  Do you live a life of thankfulness and love and truth?


Me either.  Sigh…

(If you are fortunate enough to say YES to that question, please share your wisdom in the comments!)

Our sermon this morning was about exactly that.  There are TIMES when I find myself having a God-attitude.  But it certainly doesn’t characterize my life as it should.  The Bible says, From out of the heart, the mouth speaks. 


Fortunately for me, and most everyone, as our pastor pointed out this morning, people of great faith aren’t born into the world with that much faith.  Faith starts out small and must be perfected through the trials and tribulations of life (and God’s grace of course!)  He shared a story about a woman of great faith (I can’t remember her name or I’d share it with you — her story is amazing), and how she started out with doubts and weaknesses like the rest of us, and what she went through to end up with the strong faith she was able to share with others in her later years.

I know that faith is a matter of growth and maturity.  And I know that in God’s time my faith will be made perfect.  But sometimes I wish He would just hurry up a bit.  (Is it irreverent to say so?)

I had a choir director who used to say, "It’s not that ‘practice makes perfect.’  It’s PERFECT practice that makes perfect." 

While that may be true with singing, fortunately it is not so true
with faith.  I am so grateful that God takes my weak and imperfect
attempts at holiness and makes me perfect in His sight through
the shed blood of Jesus (certainly NOT by any means of my own.)