Having birthday party at home. Hold me.

After much debate in the Musings household, we have decided to have my daughter’s 6th birthday party at home after all.  We go through this EVERY year.  I swear I’m going to ante up and have one of those swanky birthday parties at Bounce U or Libby Lou or ANYWHERE but my house.  But we always end up balking at the high price tag and regrouping for an at-home party.  It’s really what my daughter wants anyway.

But.  Omigosh!  I hate, HATE having birthday parties in my house.  My OCD gets all discombobulated.  But it’s what we’re going to do, and I’m resigned to it.  Of course all 3 of my children have fall and winter birthdays so it’s really too cold to play outdoors. So my husband came up with the brilliant idea of having the kids decorate Christmas cookies.  Because that’s not messy or anything.  Ahem.

So besides that, what should I do to occupy ten 6-year-old girls for two hours?

Please throw out your best ideas.  I need HALP!