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Felicia from My Personal Legend writes in:

I need your impeccable fashion advice. My husband is taking me to my first ballet next weekend. And I am not sure what to wear. We live in a very small southern country town. It’s so small that prom dates go to places like Apple B’s and think its 5 star. =) I want to dress up but don’t want to appear way over dressed but I know jeans and probably slacks/dress pants are out. I also have a very small budget $50-$75 tops. It’s cool enough here now that boots will work and I have one pair of brown leather and one velvet slouchy version perfect for leggings or etc. I also have a large assortment of heels. I am loving the new red fashions for fall. I don’t like big heavy collars around my neck. I am a bit on the chubby side, and carry the weight in my face like mad crazy. Any advice would be great!!

Oh how fun! If it’s a small town, I definitely wouldn’t go all out but it’s also a great opportunity to get a fun new outfit. You could definitely wear a casual dress and tights and boots. Or you could go with the boots, leggings and a cute tunic top or sweater.

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  1. love the 3rd look because it’s so classic, and without a lot of funds I’d go for classic so you can wear it again and again and again.

    Now… tell me about that multi-colored cardi/jacket…

  2. I am all about the first outfit! I think that the ballet is a place where you can be a little more daring than let’s say, a night out to the movies. The red is eye-catching.

    I also carry weight in my face (during pregnancy, my head looks like a basketball), and I have to watch what collars I wear- these are very flattering!

  3. Oh I LOVE you! That first outfit is so perfect. I can’t wait to go shopping tonight!!! Ahhh!! Thank you! And I will post pictures as soon as I can get the outfit!

  4. Love the 3rd!! It would be easy to wear it again and get more uses.

    Of course the 2nd would definitely be something you could wear again as well, altho it’s more casual (and honestly? something I’d do 😉 ) — but then again, Applebees is 2 hours away. 😀

  5. I love the first outfit too! Definitely need a clutch! Can’t go to the ballet without a clutch! Have fun! (Good for your husband, by the way–major points for taking you to the ballet! 😉

  6. Lol! Hint hint nudge nudge?

    I am loving the first outfit! Not the biggest fan of flowy tops but Jo-Lynne has matched it so well that it just works. Love the red! And the boots are going to look awesome with the outfit.

    Have fun looking fab at the ballet 🙂

  7. I’m really loving all three for different reasons. I say go with the third though. It’s chic and classic.

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