Help! Save The Marriage!

Since yall are the smartest internets in all the land, maybe you can help Husband and me resolve a domestic squabble discussion*.

Our house, as well as 60% of the houses in our development, looks like this.  Without the white splotch over the house number, of course.


For some time, I have been wanting to remove the railings and spindles on the porch, just leaving the tall posts.  (In fact, in my master plan, we will replace or cover the posts with ones that are more modern looking.  I’ve seen squarish posts on some houses that I like a lot better than the
"turned" style that you see on my house.  And the "gingerbread" doohickeys are going buh-bye as well.  The
previous owners added those, and while they are a nice look on an old
Victorian home, they don’t really do much for me and my decorating

Anyway, I have seen houses with porches like mine without the railings and spindles, and I think it’s a nice look.  I’ve been talking about taking them down for a while now, but Husband keeps putting me off.  He seems to think he has more important tasks to accomplish, like finishing our basement.  I can see his point, but I’ve been keeping this project in the back of my mind.

So last Friday night, when we had company for dinner, one of our guests casually leaned on one of the railings and accidentally pushed the whole thing right off, spindles and all.  That’s some quality construction right there, I tell ya!

At first our poor unsuspecting guest was surprised and embarrassed, but then he became quite perplexed when I started jumping up and down with glee.

You see, I knew right then that I was about to get my wish.  We explained the situation, and then the men continued to remove the other front railing until the railings and spindles were history!  Woot!  Woot!

So today, our house looks like this.


Isn’t it so pretty and open!??

Incidentally, the garden plot in the forefront of the picture, yes the one with the charming  mismatched mulch, is the fruit of our labors a week ago last Saturday.  And if you look real close, you can see one of the vents we were trying to hide.  It isn’t exactly hidden, but hopefully the plants around it distract you from noticing it as readily as when it just poked right up out of the grass in the middle of our front lawn. 

Oh.  And that tree is, in fact, growing at an 80-degree angle, thanks to the winds that regularly gust through our development.  That is not my poor photography skills deceiving you.

But I digress, as usual.  Back to the porch. 

If you click on the second picture and look really close, you should be able to see that the railings and spindles on the sides of the porch remain.  The one on the side near the garage is unnecessary, as the ground is fairly level with the porch.  But.  On the end of our house, there is a drop-off of almost a foot from the porch to the mulch.

One party in our marital union thinks it looks ludicrous to leave just the railings/spindles on the sides of the porch and votes to remove them as well.  Said party suggests raising the flower bed a bit so that the drop-off isn’t dangerous or building it up with extra mulch, then putting a table and chairs on the end, or a rocking chair, or potted plants, or basically anything other than a railing and spindles, to keep children from falling off the end of the porch into the thorny rose bushes.

The other party in our union is determined that it would be a code violation as well as just plain stupid to take off the railing and risk life and limb for purely aesthetic reasons, and further, said party states vehemently that it does not look silly at all if we keep the front open while leaving both sides closed as they are right now.

So this is where you come in.  In the interest of marital harmony and our desire to celebrate our twelfth anniversary this August*, could you please give your honest opinion as to whether or not the remaining railings/spindles should stay or go.  And I suppose, if you think that we should replace the broken railings and spindles on the front and leave it as it was, you can voice that opinion as well.

We’re counting on you.  Don’t let me down, now!

*My marriage references are purely for dramatic effect.  Husband and I are not fighting over this or anything else at the moment.  Not that we don’t ever fight, but when we do, I won’t be sharing it with all bloggityland.  We are, however, at an impasse as we don’t agree on how to proceed, and I am interested to see how yall think the porch looks as it is today.