He’s A Keeper

I have always loved having a summer birthday.  Before I was completely awake on my 36th birthday, my 8-year-old son bound into my bedroom and pounced on me with a big, toothy, Happy Birthday!

When his sisters got up, he took the baby aside (she’s 2 and 9 mos, so not really a baby anymore, but I can’t break the habit) and told her what she was supposed to say.

The next thing I knew, she hurled herself at my legs with a big toddler hug and a "Happy Birthday!"  I guess my reaction was quite the seal of approval because throughout the rest of the day, she would break out with "Happy Birthday!" at every opportunity.

Around noon, a delivery truck stopped in front of our house, and a big box was delivered to my door.  It was clearly from Macy’s and ordered by my mother.  I was tempted to open it then and there, but I decided to for my birthday dinner with the family.  The kids love to help open presents.

My husband arrived home after work with a cake that I had ordered (hey, sometimes a girl’s gotta take the bull by the horns) and several bags of groceries.  I had told him earlier in the day that I didn’t want to worry about dinner, and I expected him to bring home pizza or cheese steaks.  But he took it upon himself to cook for me instead.

Now let me put this in perspective for you.  This man doesn’t cook.  (Although he did make me a banana cream pie early on in our dating relationship.  Funny how that event hasn’t repeated itself.)  These days, his repertoire basically consists of spaghetti (with jarred sauce) and grilled cheese sandwiches.  This works out fine because I like to cook. 

But Tuesday night, he did all the cooking while I sat on the couch and read a book.  (I was not allowed to participate except to answer the occasional question.  He even had the kids shucking corn and snapping green beans.)  At one point, he turned to me and said, "There’s a lot of blog fodder here."

Hey, he said it first!

Finally dinner was ready, and we all sat down to grilled chicken and sausages, fresh corn on the cob, and green beans.  The kids presented me with two envelopes.  One was from them — a ticket good for one free exterior car wash.  The other was from my husband, and this is what it said:

You see why I love this man?

And you see how well he knows me?  The "be reasonable" disclaimer was certainly warranted.  I could do a good bit of damage to the family finances with a half-day at the mall and no limit.  But I’ll be good.

Also, the green purse in the background was in the Macy’s box.  My mom had been reading my blog and knew I’ve been wanting a green purse.  She even made sure it met my "purse requirements".  They are quite specific.

We enjoyed our dinner and the cake afterwards.  Although I about had a coronary as my husband taught my son to light candles. 

And then let him carry the lit cake into the kitchen!

All in all, it was quite the happy birthday.  And I am DEFINITELY looking forward to my Saturday shopping expedition.  Who wants to join me?