Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig!

My mom always quoted that when we arrived home from a vacation. Isn’t it funny how things like that come back to you?

So we’re home and trying to regroup.  After a 12-and-a-half hour car ride down the East coast that began at 4am on Saturday morning. Make of that what you will.

I feel like I’m crouched on the starting line. The gun is about to sound, signaling the start of the fall rat-race. Summer is on its way out, and a new school year awaits. I have exactly one week to put my house in order and get the kids ready to return to school.

Two weeks worth of mail contained, among other things, teacher and bus assignments for each child along with letters detailing rules and procedures for a smooth transition. School clothes need to be purchased and supplies gathered. The house needs dusting, groceries, and organization.  There are about 650 pictures to sort through (no joke!) And I have about 5 pounds to lose, thanks to two weeks of lobster, blueberry muffins and popovers.

So here I sit, slightly overwhelmed but at the same time eager with anticipation of what the new year will hold.  I’ve prayed for my children’s teachers, that they will be patient and loving and enthusiastic and a good fit for my precious little learners. I am excited to be involved in their classrooms after a year off with a new baby when I felt decidedly out of touch.

Fall promises to be a blur, as in addition to a new school year starting, I have all three of my children’s birthdays as well as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas looming. And did I mention a trip to Disney thrown in there?  We have plane tickets and room reservations. And reservations for the coveted Princess Breakfast. But other than that, there are lots of plans and reservations to make if that trip is to go smoothly.

So, I’m sitting here catching up on emails and my favorite blogs. Gotta have priorities, you know. I’m also tanking up on coffee so I’m ready to face the day. And then we’re off!

The race is on!

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  1. Hi,We enjoyed having you in Maine for a couple of weeks! Your kids are beautiful and soooooooo well behaved. The Baby has beautiful BLUE eyes that jump right out at you. Glad the kids had fun riding the ponies. I’m enjoying your blog, I didn’t even know what one was till I started reading yours! Love, A. Weezie

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