How Often Do YOU Post?

You may remember I did a couple posts last month in conjunction with ProBlogger’s 31 Days to Build a Better Blog.  Then all mention of building a better blog fell off the face of the earth.  That’s because I got too busy to play along.  There were some VERY helpful posts throughout the 31 days and several assignments I had every intention of carrying out, but I finally came to the conclusion that I’m a ProBlogger dropout. If he ever does the program again, hopefully he’ll catch me at a better time.

The 31 Days project is over, but when I saw this article last week entitled Be Consistent and Useful — Thoughts on How Often to Publish on Your Blog, I thought it was an interesting topic to discuss.  If you heard my interview for Profitable Mommy Blogging, you’ll know this is a topic we touched on briefly.

As I said to Carrie, I know that I post more than the typical mommy blogger.  What can I say, I have a lot to say!  At school conferences, teachers always told my mother that I talked to much.  I like to joke that I’ve finally found an outlet where I can talk as much as I want and no one has to listen unless they want to.

I actually cut down on posting frequency for a while, which for me meant keeping posts to one a day and not worrying about posting on the weekends.  But I noticed a significant drop in readership and comments, which was rather disheartening.  I think what happened was, the random newsy posts took backseat to the more intentional posts.  I began to pressure myself to only post if I had a point to make or a good story to tell or something informative to share, but people actually missed the rambly, pointless posts — go figure!  And I missed the conversations they spawned.  I learned that the variety is what had kept the momentum going.

When I went back to my original posting habits, I got a great response and I’ve enjoyed blogging SO much more.  So even though I sometimes take a little ribbing for being such a prolific blogger, it’s what works for me.  I look at it this way — people can pick and choose from among my plethora of posts, and there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

I did retain one thing from my year of more selective posting.  I do not pressure myself to blog on the weekends.  If I have something to post and time to write, I do, but I don’t stress about getting something up. I don’t ever look at my traffic stats on Monday mornings.  That adjustment has been very freeing.  A girl’s gotta recharge sometime!

Not everyone will find that kind of posting frequency works for them.  As ProBlogger points out:

There’s no ‘Rules’ when it comes to Post Frequency.  My main advice on posting frequency is to be consistent and keep the quality of your posts as high as possible.  There are successful blogs who post 20 times a day and others that are lucky to post 20 times a year – any level of post CAN work.

When this topic came up at Blissdom, the general consensus was that consistency is the key.  If you post 10 times one week and 2 the next, your readers won’t know what to expect and may get antsy.  But if you routinely post twice a week, they will grow to expect that and adjust their expectations.

How often do you like to post?  What kind of posting frequency (or infrequency, as the case may be) works for you??

* * *

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