How to Purge Your Closet & Love Your Wardrobe Again

If you don’t love your wardrobe, and you wish you did, you can change that.

Over the past few years, I’ve worked hard to curate a wardrobe that meets my needs for almost any occasion without having an overabundance of odds and ends that I never wear. It’s still a work in progress, and I expect it always will be to some extent, but I’m so happy now when I walk into my closet.

How long has it been since you gave your closet a ruthless purge?

I don’t mean just removing a few things you haven’t worn in a few seasons; I mean taking it all out and starting over with only things that you truly love.

If you haven’t done this in a few years (or ever), that’s the first step to curating a wardrobe that works for you. Here’s how to do it.

I always thought I was good at moving things out at the end of every season and keeping my closet up to date until I read Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. That’s when I realized I was doing it all wrong.

I used to go through my drawers and closet at the end of each season and remove anything that was damaged, out of style, or didn’t fit well, but I didn’t realize how many things were getting overlooked or saved “just in case.” I still had a lot more clothes than I was actually wearing.

That’s how you end up with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. Well, that, and by buying things that don’t fit right or don’t go with anything else in your wardrobe.

Marie Kondo’s method was revolutionary to me. She has you take everything out of your closet and drawers — every. last. thing. And then go through them one by one, trying them on if you haven’t worn them this season, and asking yourself if each piece sparks joy. If not, it goes buh-bye.

It sounds hokey, but there’s a big difference between, “Eh, it’s okay. I might want it some day” and “I love this; I want to put it on and wear it right now.”

That made all the difference for me.

Once you ruthlessly purge your closet and get rid of all the stuff you don’t wear and don’t love, you can start to rebuild your wardrobe into one you will love to wear.

If you feel like you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear, start by purging your closet with the process below. Only the items that fit and make you happy will go back into your closet, and then you can rebuild from there. You may end up with 5 pieces or 55; the number doesn’t matter, as long as every piece is one you would love to put on and wear right now. Here’s the process.

How to Ruthlessly Purge Your Closet

I recommend doing this when you have a good bit of time to spend. You don’t want to be rushed. And I don’t recommend doing this after a big meal when you’re feeling bloated. Choose a time when you feel good, you look good, and you have a few hours to dedicate to the project.

Speaking of which, I like to do this when I am fixed up and feeling good about how I look. I think it’s easier to get a good gauge of how something looks on when I have some makeup on and my hair done.

Okay, let’s get started.

Step 1: Empty out your closet

Yes. Take everything out, down to the bare walls. Do NOT skip this step. Taking everything out at once is first step to style clarity. Make sure to gather your clothing from all areas of the house — laundry, storage, etc. Don’t skip anything.

Step 2: Try it all on.

Try on anything you haven’t worn recently — yes, even that special occasion dress you’ve been saving for 5 years “just in case.”

Before I did this, I had no idea how much stuff I was keeping “just in case”, and I was shocked at how many of my “just in case” pieces didn’t even fit anymore. What a waste of closet space!

Step 3: Sort each item into four piles

If you have a TON of clothes, do this process in groups. All your tops, then all your bottoms, then dresses, shoes, etc.

  • LOVE IT: If it is appropriate for the current season, and you absolutely love it and want to put it on right this second, hang it back in your closet.
  • MAYBE: Is the fit a bit off? The color? Are you keeping it just because it has sentimental value, or because you paid a lot for it and feel guilty getting rid of it? Put it in a box and store it. If you find yourself wishing you had it, you can always go retrieve it. But if you don’t find yourself wanting it before the end of the season, it’s time to donate it and let someone else enjoy it. If you’re not used to purging, this can be hard to do, but I promise you, it is SO freeing!
  • HATE IT: Self explanatory. Donate or sell to fund new purchases.
  • SEASONAL: If it’s not in season, but you LOVE IT (and I mean LOVE IT), put it in a box and store it so you can add it to your wardrobe when the proper season rolls around.

Okay, a few notes about this step: Marie Kondo says it is important to touch each piece and consider if it brings you joy. I promise, this works. Trust your gut.

If I’m unsure about something, I keep a Maybe Bin in my closet with the things I just can’t bear to part with but don’t think I will wear. I allow myself to go into the bin and retrieve something if I change my mind during the season. This helps with any feelings of remorse over getting rid of perfectly good clothing. At the end of the season, anything I didn’t retrieve goes to the donate pile.

I realize not everyone has seasonal wardrobes, and that is fine. If you prefer to keep all of your clothes in your closet all year round, go for it. But if you live in an area with distinct seasons as I do, I highly recommend putting away things that are not in season. It’s so much easier to get dressed when you’ve reduced your closet to only truly viable options. Try it once, and see how you like it.

Some people have a really hard time getting rid of things they’ve bought that they feel are still in good shape, even if they don’t fit properly or make them happy. If that is you, I say this with love: Be like Elsa, and LET IT GO. You will feel SO much better, trust me!

It may seem wasteful to give away perfectly good clothing, and some people have a hard time with the purging process, but I look at it this way. It’s not a waste if it blesses someone who needs it.

If my clothes sit in my closet and rot until they’re outdated and full of moth holes, that’s a waste. However, if I can bring joy to someone today by giving them a bag of like-new clothing that they will wear and enjoy, I’m all for it.

There are tons of local organizations that do good work providing clothing to needy women and families in the community where you live. Just find one that resonates with you and haul your stuff over there. As an added bonus, get a receipt, and it’s a tax write-off.

The other option is Clothes Mentor or Style Encore. Both are consignment shops that will pay you on the spot for the clothes they keep, whether they sell them or not. It takes about an hour, so bring a book or prepare to run some errands while they look through your stuff. Whatever they don’t want, you can then donate, but at least you may get some money back to put towards rebuilding your wardrobe after the purge.

Step 4: Assess what’s left in your closet

After the initial purge, you may want to live with your clothes for a little while before shopping for new pieces. If you’re struggling to define your personal style, this process will help.

Peruse Pinterest and your favorite blogs (ahem) and fashion magazines, and keep track of what styles resonate with you. Pin them to a personal style Pinterest board, or keep a notebook with pages from magazines. Whichever method you prefer is fine, as long as it works for you.

Your goal during this phase is to determine your personal style and what you need to rebuild your wardrobe. Keep a notebook or a document on your phone with a list of clothing items you need or want so you can shop strategically.

If you feel lost or want more help, I highly recommend taking the Adore Your Wardrobe course. This course made SUCH a difference in how I view my body and how I dress myself.

Step 5: Shop

Shop for any items you need to complete your wardrobe. Make a list and shop intentionally.

This step is ongoing, to some extent, but it is possible to get to the point where you have a complete and very workable wardrobe.

Be sure to consider your lifestyle, and make sure you have a healthy ratio of casual clothes to work wear. This varies from person to person, and of course is based on climate as well. You may like my post, Timeless Closet Basics That Never Go Out Of Style.

Perhaps your lifestyle has changed recently, like you now work from home rather than the office, or you took a career turn with different wardrobe requirements, or you find yourself at home with the grandkids rather than working in a corporate atmosphere. If so, that ratio may have changed. You may not need so much work wear, for instance. Be sure to take that into account.

If you’ve never done a ruthless closet purge like this, I challenge you to try it. And please, let me know how it goes! I’d love to hear.

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178 thoughts on “How to Purge Your Closet & Love Your Wardrobe Again

  1. I’ve been seriously purging my closet for the past couple years and it’s so freeing! It is an ongoing process however and hard for me but it has made such a difference to my wardrobe and my sanity! When I’m considering a purchase I ask myself if the item is going to really compliment my wardrobe or bring me another painful, parting ways in a few months? This evaluation question has helped me a lot b/c more often than not, I’m able to leave it on the rack!

  2. Hi Jo-Lynne! This post is so timely for me as we moved over the summer and my new Master closet isn’t quite as big as my old closet. The house is bigger, but the closet is laid out in a way that is hard for me to figure out – and I have to share it with my husband! I purge regularly, but have never tried taking everything out. Maybe it will give me more room if I just focus on the items that bring joy.

    Regarding your son, so thankful he came home safe and sound. I have been in your shoes many times with my 2 boys ages 18 & 20. My friend says, “When your children are little, you have little problems. When your children are big, you have big problems.” Potty training is nothing! LOL!

  3. The Adore Me Class, is it an online in real time type of thing? Can you watch it when you have time or is it like a class that begins and ends at a certain time? Do you get actual printed material to use to study from? I watch grandkids and work in the office at my husband’s business during the day, so my time is limited to bits of time here and there. I want to try the class, but not sure how it works. Is it just a one time thing or several days in a row at certain times. Can I schedule it or record it for when I can really concentrate on it. Sorry to ask so many questions, but just not sure how it works and $149 can buy a lot of clothes. Thanks

    1. Yes, absolutely! It’s an investment, for sure. So it is not a live class. You get an email with a new lesson every few days and you can work at your own pace. There is a video that you watch as well as some materials to work through. Usually a worksheet and another printout that is helpful to save. Then the Facebook Group is open at all times so you can go in there and get advice, post pictures, etc. I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

      You can see a sample lesson here:

      Scroll down and click on GET FREE EPISODE INSTANTLY. That will show you how the lessons work. 🙂

  4. Yes! Post just in time for transition into fall preparation. I followed your purge advice last winter (?) with success and have pinned this to my Pinterest for reference.
    My granddaughter and I went school shopping the other day. I went over my three musts with her about buying clothes/shoes. It is much like your suggestions. 1) have to love it 2) it looks great on you – fit , color etc 3) you need a place to wear it. This makes it easier in a teenage girl’s decision making process. Also helps with their confidence when heading out the door to school .

    Thanks Jolynne????

  5. I learned of Adore your Wardrobe through this blog and can’t recommend it enough!

    I was drowning in a closet of clothes that just didn’t feel right on my skin. I was even struggling working from home to find something that felt good to put on-how crazy is that?!? I tried Trunk Club, I tried spending more for clothes, I tried buying more current trends, I tried ignoring it all. I read blogs, I watched videos, I paid for other “courses.” Nothing is as good as the Adore your wardrobe course.

    Believe me, you will make back the $149 in course 1 easily. And I am on course 2 and, again, can’t recommend it enough. I feel so much more confident in what I wear and what I purchase. I look better than I have in years (maybe ever). My closet cleanouts now are so much more focused in part because I am not purchasing the wrong things from the start. Honestly, it is the single best thing you can do for your closet, your wallet, and your self-esteem. Thanks Jo-Lynne!

      1. The price has gone up a bit since I originally posted my comment but still worth every penny! This isn’t the usual, random FB people wallowing in vague terms like “that is cute.” This is expert feedback to get you to get you looking your absolute best for your body type and style. So glad I was readying Jo-Lynne to learn about this!

  6. I need to purge my closet so badly! I was just reading about KonMari on goop so I love that you lay out some tips in a really practical way! The folding was pretty cool and I will use her techniques for that. I have to use this post as inspiration and motivation.

    The Cocooners

    1. See, I couldn’t stick to her clothing folding technique. I tried but I’ve gone back to my old ways. 🙂 I actually hang everything I can. (I know, she hates that. But it works for me.)

  7. Excellent post. I clean my closet out with the change of seasons but have never taken everything out and done a complete purge. I am going to do it this time. Thanks Jo-Lynne

  8. I also do a closet cleaning about 2 times a year – at the beginning of a season. Also, everytime I buy a blouse, one goes to the Goodwill pile. Same goes for shoes, pants, etc. It keeps me updated and not so cluttered.

  9. Your timing is perfect. I need to do this and I want to do this and I’m looking forward to doing this, It feels like permission to get rid of those things that are not quite right or “I might need this”….so thank you! I am looking forward to my closet purging!

  10. I absolutely love this post!! I went through this process after you posted this before, and between this and part of the Adore Your Wardrobe advice, I feel SO MUCH BETTER about my closet. It truly does make a world of difference. Nothing I’ve done before has come close to making life in the mornings as easy. And I actually buy less because I am protective of what I am putting into that organized closet. It’s very freeing. And your comment about not doing this after a big meal when you’re bloated made me literally laugh out loud! So true though! ????

  11. I always say I’m going to do this and don’t get to it. But I think my daughter is going to start preschool this fall, so this is on my list of things to do while she’s away. With a 6 hr day I should be able to get through it, ha.

  12. Yes, I need to do this!

    A question. After purging how do you store your shoes? I often wonder the best way for them to be easily seen and for easy access.

    1. I have mine on shelves. I am fortunate to have a great closet organizational system with shelves but I also took a bookcase in our bedroom and turned it into shoe storage. 🙂

  13. Such great tips! I am a pretty decent purger but definitely hold on to too many things for the wrong reasons. While I do switch clothes around each season and get rid of a few things I know if I took them all out at once and used this method I would definitely see more to purge. One other trick I’ve used is to turn my hangers around backwards as I switch the seasons. If an item never turns around I realize it has not been worn,.

    Thanks for sharing Adore Me too…..believe it our not I had never heard of this! Intrigued!

    Shelly | The Queen in Between

  14. I DESPERATELY need to do this! I usually can never get myself to get rid of anything because of the money I spent on it but I have WAY too many clothes that I never wear.

    This is inspiration I need thank you!

    Song x

  15. I did this and couldn’t believe the amount of clothes I got rid of. It definitely felt so much better to get rid of things I just had occupying space in my closet. I plan on doing it again since the season is about to change. I’ve never had an issue getting rid of things I don’t necessarily wear so this comes easy to me. But I love it and you should definitely try it if you haven’t.

  16. My sister turns the hanger the opposite way when she wears something. Everything that hasn’t been turned goes away at the end of the season.

  17. If I purged my closet or all of the things that I don’t like, I would end up being naked for most of the year. I think I should get some new stuff. Ha!

    1. Hopefully it’s an opportunity to figure out what will make you feel amazing to wear it! If it’s really a challenge, I recommend taking the Adore Your Wardrobe course I mentioned at the end of this post. It really helped me figure out what looks good on me and why it works, and how to avoid buying more of the things I don’t love and won’t want to wear. Hope that makes sense! It’s early and I haven’t had my coffee yet. 🙂

  18. I would love to be the one you send your castoffs to. I love reading your daily email blogs. You make me more conscious of how I shop and what I buy when I shop. I look for hood quality pieces now when I shop.

  19. I saw that there is a new Marie Kondo show on Netflix!! It dropped today. She is amazing! Here’s to a more organized 2019!!

  20. Well Happy New Year. We managed to stay at our friends place, which is just up the road from us until a few minutes to 1. I wanted to get to bed earlier as we have company tonight and see the ball drop in time square which I haven’t seen in years. We normally don’t leave until 3 or even one year do I say 5…. Ouch!! I paid for that the next day but I wanted to help clean up…. I love the steps and ideas of purging the closet. There’s not a whole lot except some tees and athleisure wear, jeans that I would leave out year round. We are definitely in a seasonal climate, and I do a change over in the closet in early Spring( for Spring and Summer) and early fall for ( Fall and Winter) the key is to do it earlier enough so your ready when the weather changes. Sometimes I have an overlap but ween those pieces out once it changes for good. I have parted with things each season change but will admit a few times I’ve gone looking for a piece and realize I gave it away. So the maybe pile sounds like the way to go. I have pieces that I know for sure that I’m done with. I often ask myself … have I worn that in the last year? in the last two year? if not then it usually goes. I’ve also heard that when we wear something we should hang it up backwards in closet… If by the end of season we haven’t turned it around you might want to consider giving it away or at least to the maybe pile which I like. Looking forward to what’s in store for this year!!

  21. What a timely post and a good time to say how much I appreciate your blog.  Yours is the blog I turn to most often because you are never trying to overtly sell product to me, your advice seems to always be spot-on, and your practical style suits me in so many ways.  I hope the companies that you work with see your authenticity and ability to influence in a subtle and very informative way.  Tell ’em I said so!!  Happy New Year, and I gotta go get purgin’!!

  22. Happy New Year to you and your family!  I’m impressed that you managed to stay awake to welcome in 2019.  I didn’t go to bed until 1:40 this morning.  Unfortunately, Larry has come down with a bad cold, which can turn into bronchitis or pneumonia, if we aren’t vigilant and very careful.  Not a great way to begin a new year, but at least we are at home and he can stay down.  Maybe by Saturday when we will see the sun again, he will be feeling a little better.  Have a great rest of the day!

  23. Hi JoLynne, and Happy New Year! Just want to thank you for another year of stylish tips and inspiration. Emptying out my closet frightens me, who knows what I’ll find in the deep recesses of chaos? But I know this must be done so onward and upward a new adventure. I do have a question about your lovely gold monogram necklace: do you still wear yours? I am contemplating purchasing one for myself. Thanks!

  24. Great post. Everytime I read it I feel inspired. So much I don’t love in my closet but have an attachment to. Thiis helps me purge. Happy New Year.

  25. Everywhere I look, there are reminders to decultter/purge. I’m getting to it!
     I spent today putting away my Christmas. I really enjoy decorating for the season and looking forward to the excitement of Christmas. Not so much afterwards. It’s a real chore to take everything down and pack away nicely. Then, put your house back together again.
    But, I will get to my closet by the end of the week. I’ve let it slide and know there are pieces I no longer wear or fit. Oops! Gained a few. I’ll be working on that, too. 

  26. Jo-Lynne: 
    I followed a similar process a few weeks ago and ended up filling two 30-gallon trash bags with items that others could use. It’s interesting what you learn about yourself as you go through the purge process. Mind you, I do this at least twice a year. If you aren’t wearing these items, why did you by them and what could you do with the money that was spent on them? My conclusion, purchase fewer items that may cost more, but that you truly love. I love, love, love fashion, so spending money on clothing and accessories will never change, but as I get older, how I approach purchasing those items is changing (for the better). Happy New Year!

  27. I have her book and have given it as a gift.  I think because I live in PA and have a four season wardrobe, my closet fills quickly.  Unfortunately subbing out clothes by the season just seems too labor intensive.  I think this technique applies to your entire house and I’m in a constant state of purge lately because of this book and the Minimalist Decorator.

    1. I agree, I use this technique throughout the house as well. It’s become a bit of a joke with my husband and kids. They know if something doesn’t “bring me joy”, it is going right to the trash or the thrift store bin in the garage.😂

      I do like to switch out my closet for seasons (also in PA) but there is definitely some overlap. Jeans and t-shirts stay put year ’round, as well as most of my pumps and ballet flats/loafers. I swap out boots for sandals and sweaters for summer tops when the seasons change. I know a lot of people who just keep it all in their closet year ’round, though.

  28. I really need to read that book. I purge at least once a year, but it’s such a chore when I take it all out. Our seasons are hot, hotter and hot as … so it’s frustrating to try and switch out seasonally. All that said, this post always motivates me.

  29. Hi JoLynne, I just found you, and what a great post!  These are wonderful ideas.  I did this last year with my jewelry, and it’s so freeing (I have a metal allergy, so I kept only what I can wear and only what I loved). Then I bought a few more pieces and only wear that collection.  It’s perfect and fits my style now.  I need to do this again with my clothing items and teach my teen daughter to as well.
    One thing I would add to the MAYBE situation is that sometimes things don’t fit because they need tailoring!  I’m super-busty, specialty size bras.  When I go up in size on even a simple ruffle-front tank for example, sometimes it swims on me.  But, if the fabric drapes well, I can have the shoulder seam shortened to bring the neckline up where it belongs.  I know a friend who has a tiny waist with larger hips and bum; she even gets jeans tailored now because finding her true waist size was impossible.  So….if you have a great silk top or awesome rocker jeans that you really love but the fit is slightly off, maybe consider tailoring and then it’s LOVE IT material.

  30. I got stressed when you said take everything out of your closet. 😫 I’ll think on that. Ha. Your closet looks great. I’m staying in tonight too. Has too much going during Christmas. Feels good to chill in pjs. Happy New Year. Looking forward to 2020.

  31. Everything you said is right in time but for me I’m struggling with over abundance of everything (emotions & clothes stuff excess) it is really hard to start the process I’ve tried and just can’t get in there and tackle it …having to take care of my moms clothes too … both of us extreme shoppers 😔

  32. I am a 60 year old petite black woman who hasn’t worked for 2 years. I am currently in grad school. I attend church primarily on line but do attend church with my husband occasionally. He and I got married last year and we are trying to consolidate into one house. I have a lot of clothes, shoes, handbags and jewelry. I have scarves but haven’t worn one in years. My lifestyle is totally different. I’m no longer a working woman. When I finish school, I will be pursue becoming a licensed counselor I spend the bulk of my days at home and I go out to dinner with my husband and we go out to concerts. But in the meantime, I need to make some space for my husband. I also have a condition that won’t allow me to wear heels any higher than 2 1/2 inches. I wish I had the money for someone to come in and help but I don’t. I read what you said about cleaning out the closet but my “maybe” pile is probably too big. I want to cut my wardrobe in half. HELP!!!

    1. Hey Jeanine! I would put that maybe pile in storage where you can access it if you want to retrieve anything out of it during the next year. Anything you don’t go looking for within the next year, donate. 🙂

  33. Liked your closet purge I get rid of things I do 3 stacks love it, give it to friends or donate it. Taking out everything is a new one I may try that next time.

  34. Great post, thank you for refreshing it. We remodeled our walk-in closet last spring during the COVID shut down and I took the opportunity to go through my clothes and shoes. It felt so good to clean out and organize. The only problem is, our South Texas winter weather is very crazy. One day it’s in the 30’s and the next day we’re back in the 70’s so I have to keep a wide variety of seasons in my closet and constantly check the weather before I deciding what to wear  Ugh!

  35. I have been regularly purging for a few years now (after reading the Marie Kondo Book) and I’m certainly not perfect and still hang on to more than I should but it does feel good. While I don’t have a place to put off season clothes (and I live in a distinct 4 season location), nor do I care to be that thorough, I do re-arrange my closet each season by moving the off season clothes to the bottom shelves and the far ends of my closet – this really helps.
    I also regularly purge in between big purges – when my tshirt shelf gets messy, I pull them all out to straighten and go through them again. Shoes seem to be the biggest one that is hard to get rid of – i always think even if I wear them only twice a year its cheaper than going to buy a new pair (and the favourites that truly are worn out but You LOVE them…lol)

  36. Oh wow!!!!  I was just looking at that Serpa fleece jacket in the cream color yesterday and didn’t know if it would fit short and wide and we don’t have any GAPS around here anymore to return……I hate in mail returns and so I didn’t put it in the cart and buy it. 🙂  I’m shorter than you, so was thinking the XS.  It really is a great price for sure.  I wish they go back to regular fitting tops etc.  I don’t like the short and wide fade.  I use to love to shop at LOFT and now I can never order with confidence, as their tops are so flowy and wide now.  

  37. This is an impossible task given the life changing current environment. In 2018-2019 I was in a volunteer position where I attended numerous conventions, cocktail parties, and other events. I saw many of the same people at these events, so I began purchasing dresses and business suits appropriate for these events, that I knew I’d wear for years to come. Enter 2020 and I haven’t worn a single dress or suit in a year. 

  38. PS  As for the closet purging, I rarely pull everything out to clean but when I do, I get rid of so much.  Plus, things get sooooo dusty.  I change out my close for the seasons Fall/Winter then change for Spring/Summer and one of the best tips for me that I’ve done years ago is color code my clothes. This has helped me keep from buying too many white tops etc. etc.  You see what you have in each color.  Great post. 

  39. I try to clean out my closet regularly, but this year the rules have changed. I live in the California Bay Area, and we have basically been on lockdown since last March. As of now, my job has transitioned to working from home from mid-March last year through July 6, of this year. I haven’t really worn my work clothes since then – aside from some of my sweaters. The “I haven’t worn it in a year” just doesn’t apply! Even though my work is “business casual” I still don’t tend to wear some of the clothes at home – not when I can wear stretch pants. I don’t have many video calls so there is no need to get dressed up! 

    My rule for buying new items is to first only buy things that I love and need. My second is to only buy something that goes with at least 3 outfits I already own. If I find pants, or a top and I will need to buy things to wear with the item – then I pass. I’ve found too often that I will love an item, but I never wear it because it just doesn’t go with the rest of my wardrobe. I cannot tell you how many things I have ended up tossing with tags still on because it didn’t match with the rest of my wardrobe – be it color, style, or even lifestyle. 

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