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How to Search the Blog, Get Comment Replies, Use Instagram Stories, Find Link In Bio & More

Good morning on this snowy Sunday! Rather than my usual Coffee Talk, today I’m addressing questions from the Reader Survey that were too involved to answer yesterday’s email newsletter.

I’m planning a recap post with the survey results next weekend, but today I’m going to answer some of the technical questions I received so far.

In this post, I will show you how to search my blog, how to get comment replies to your email, how to print my recipes, how to find my Instagram Story, how to find Instagram Stories on the highlight reel after they expire, and how to find the Link In Bio and get details on my Instagram outfits (even if you aren’t on Instagram.)

Q // Is there a way to find something on your blog that was featured a few weeks ago? 

A // Yes! There is a search function on the blog that works pretty well if you search for a keyword. On mobile, it’s at the very top left. Tap the little magnifying glass icon to open up the search bar.

If you’re on a computer, there is one on the top left in the menu bar…

and one on the sidebar as well.


Q // I still don’t get your responses to my questions in my email. I feel like this used to be easier.

A // Yes, it used to be easier. It’s beyond frustrating to me too. We used to have plugins that could be installed on a blog that allowed people to receive comment replies to their emails without having to jump through any hoops. Those plugins are all defunct now due to privacy concerns and security issues.

My tech people tell me the best work-around is to have you register with my site and then check a box when you leave a comment, allowing me to have the reply sent to your email. And I think I’ve figured out why it works for some and not others, or why it only works for some of the time.

As I’ve mentioned before, you have to check a box requesting to be notified by email if someone replies to you comment. But you have to be logged in before you see that option. 

First of all, register with my site. The form looks like this:

You are not required to fill in your first and last name, but you must fill out a username and password. Also, the site won’t allow two identical usernames, so if you have a common name, you may have to use something more creative than simply your first name.

Then when leaving a comment on my blog in the future, you may find yourself already logged in. If so, it will look like this. Be sure to check the box to be notified via e-mail if anyone answers your comment.

If you aren’t logged in, you will need to fill out your name and the email address you registered with when you leave a comment.

That will log you in again, but there is no box to check to get notified by email if anyone answers your comment. I know, annoying! I will see if I can get this fixed.

Meanwhile, when leaving your comment, check the box to save your name and email for the next time you comment. If you do that, the next time you go to comment on that browser, you should be logged in and see the option to get notified by email:

I will report back when I have an update on this issue.

Q // When you provide a recipe, I wish there was an easy way to print it. I often have to get pen and paper and copy it.

A // Yes, I used to have a plugin that allowed them to be print, and it somehow got messed up. I need to find a new plugin and reformat all those old posts to the printable format.

In the meantime, you can copy and paste it into a new document and print that way. I actually do that myself, sometimes.

Just use your mouse or touchpad to highlight the text you want to copy, then right click or use the command keys to copy and paste into a Google Doc or Word document or whatever you use. I just use the Text Edit app on my Mac. Then you should be able to print from there. It’s a clunky system, but easier than pen and paper.


Q // Your blog used to have “Shop My Instagram” where each photo posted had links to all the products. I wish that was still included.

A // This type of feedback is super helpful. I didn’t intend to delete that; it was just an oversight when I did my last blog redesign.

I realize not everyone is on Instagram, but you can still get information on those outfits. My Instagram pictures are featured at the bottom of the blog, so if you see one you want more information about, I’ve added a link to my Instagram Outfits in my menu bar.

On mobile, you tap the 3 lines at the top left to get the Menu to open.

This is what the mobile menu should look like.

Tap or click that link, and it opens the page where you can shop all of my IG looks.

Then just tap the look you want info on, and the products should open up beside it, and you can tap any of them to be taken to that item on the retailer’s website.

Instagram Questions

Q // I rarely remember to go to Instagram Stories… Am I missing things not in the regular posts?

A // Yes! Instagram Stories are a mix of still shots and video in a slideshow format, and that’s where I share more real life tidbits, live try-ons, daily finds, and links to my blog posts. I also do live Q&As sometimes. It’s way more casual and off-the-cuff than the Instagram feed posts.

The other nice thing about Stories is, I can share links to products and blog posts, whereas I cannot share links in my feed.

That’s just the way Instagram works, and why we do the Link In Bio thing. It isn’t to be coy or for any nefarious purpose; it is just the only way to give you links to things we show on our feeds or mention in the comments.

Q // Please advise how to find your Instagram stories! I follow you and see you on the feed, but I could not locate your powder room story.

A // Say you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed, and you see one of my pictures. See my profile picture and screen name above the picture?

If there is a red circle around my profile picture, there are new Instagram Stories within the past 24 hours. After 24 hours, they get archived and are no longer available here. But if they were done within the past 24 hours, you can tap that picture to open up my Story.

If you’re looking for a Story that is older than 24 hours, and I’ve told you it’s saved to my Highlights, you will want to tap my screen name…

And that opens my profile page. The highlights are the round circles under the bio box. This is where you can find the videos of my powder room.


Q // I don’t understand the Link In Bio thing and how to find details on what you show in your feed. 

I get it. I wish Instagram made it easier. When you want to find details on something I’m wearing in my IG feed posts, tap my screen name…

Then tap the link under Outfit Details Here 👇🏻

That opens this Quick Links page. If you want details on one of my Instagram outfits, tap Shop My Instagram Looks to pull up a page with the pictures from my feed.

Then tap the look you want info on, and the products should open up beneath it, and you can tap any of them to be taken to that item on the retailer’s website.

I hope that helps, if you were wondering about any of those things. I know it was a lot. I’m happy to answer any other questions in the comments!

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29 thoughts on “How to Search the Blog, Get Comment Replies, Use Instagram Stories, Find Link In Bio & More

  1. I love Instagram and follow you all the time over there. I think your answers to all of the Instagram questions were very helpful for people who don’t use or know the platform very well. I liked reading all of these answers!

    1. Look at Nina or the lower heeled Badgleys – I had the exact same problem and found some that worked. Block heels are more stable if they work with the dress. And thanks to Jo-Lynne. I couldn’t find Instagram items so appreciate the lesson. Try Nordstrom for shoes but other stores have as well!

  2. Thank you for providing the Insta tutorial. I found the powder room update on my own but had little idea of how to navigate on a profile page.

  3. Thank you for “Instagram Outfits”!! I’m not on Instagram, and having access to the Instagram pics with links to each piece in the outfit is really helpful (and fun)!😊

    1. Yeah, actually I miss it too, lol. I tried putting it back – it’s a simple addition on my back end – but it wasn’t formatted so it looked weird when it dropped down. No idea why, but I guess my developer can style it and make it work. I will reach out to them and ask.

  4. Thank you so much for taking your time to explain all the things! I’m sure it’s very helpful for many! I have a random question for you. Three years ago in February I bought a burgundy velvet dress (inspired by you) to wear to a wedding and wore an ankle strap sandal with a pretty high heel. Is that dress still in style to wear to a wedding this February and could you suggest a shoe for me to wear? I fractured my ankle right before the holidays and am transitioning out of my brace now. I have four weeks to strengthen my ankle but my dr said I probably need a lower heel, not a flat. I would appreciate your input!

    1. Hey Jennifer, not sure which burgundy dress you mean. I would think if it was 3 years ago, it would still be fine. Formal dress styles haven’t changed all that much

      I think Andrea meant to reply to you, but she replied to Annalisa above. Nina does make some nice lower heels for cocktail attire. I also like this Naturalizer. The silver or champagne would be nice with a plum velvet dress.

      There are more ideas in this post, at the end:

  5. I have to say I love your Instagram Stories the best! It’s like I’m sitting in your car with you sharing a cup of Starbucks! HAHA!!! And I don’t mind that you say “anyhow” (or is it “anyway”?) a lot! 🙂 Great tutorial on technical issues!

    1. Oh, thank you! 🙂 I know it’s a lot of rambling nonsense most of the time. That’s why I didn’t do much on IG story for so long. Felt like I was adding to the noise. But some people like it and I guess the rest can mute me, lol.

  6. Thanks for the instagram explanations! I use instagram occasionally, but not enough to know the little tips and tricks you shared today.
    So thank you! Also there have been times I wanted to leave a comment on a regular blog post and never could find where to do that. Today it was easy to find. I always read from my phone.

  7. Jo lynne I’m one who wasn’t registered to receive replies, so I registered and still wasn’t. You looked into it and found out someone else registered under my first name. So you changed it but I don’t remember what you used. You said I didn’t need to go in and register again that you did it and I was good to go. But, I still have area that shows up to put my name and email in and check the box and receive no replies by email. A few times the box was checked already but I still had to fill out the upper information before replying. I don’t know what to do from here. I don’t like to have to check back in the post to see comments. Thanks.

  8. PS. Forgot to ask or tell you that the font is small again when you first open the post to click to read it. You had enlarged it.

  9. Thank yoy! I just learned more about Instagram in 10 minutes than I have figured out on my own in the past 4 years!! In the most recent Story you mentioned just finishing
    a good book, and I could not find the title. (The Personal Librarian by Benedict/Murray was an inspirational eye-opener!)

  10. Thanks for all your tips and explanations! I had my husband look at my settings to see if we could fix the problem with that little box not showing up to get replies, even though I am registered. We’ll see if that works the next time I comment.

      1. I tried everything and so did my husband. We tweaked some settings, but I never got an email that you replied so I just checked this post to see if you had. That little box never shows up. And I’m not sure how to log in. I tried registering again and it wouldn’t let me. Maybe I’m just missing something.

        1. I just sent you a password reset link. Let me know if you get it. I am about ready to just call it quits and start emailing people directly when I reply to them and copying it into the comment section so others can see it too.

  11. Your answers were so helpful. I’m incredibly new to Instagram and still figuring a lot out do several answers were really helpful

  12. Fashion questions-
    1. Are long necklaces in style? Like with a crew neck sweater.
    2. Is wearing brown booties with an all black outfit still a thing? How about with a warm colored top, black jeans?
    I totally trust your fashion sense! Thank you!

  13. I do enjoy your posts, blogs, etc,. but the best thing you have done is suggest taking the Adore Your Wardrobe classes. I am now finishing the Advanced course and and I am feeling quite confident in the way I dress. Now I know how to better shop from your posts.
    Thank you!

  14. I am still trying to get the box to come up that says I will get an email when someone responds. I can’t get it to come up, even though I have entered my email in the box above this box twice. Is there somewhere else on the website where you can login? When I go to the Register Here button, it just tells me it’s a duplicate email, which is true because I’m already a registered user. Please help.

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