I did say I wanted to place . . .

In a recent post I mentioned that on my bucket list is to one day place first in my age group for a 5K. I knew that to do that, I would have to be participating in a pretty small race without much competition.

While I’m pretty fast considering that I only took up running a few years ago and I’ve never been an athlete, I am certainly not any competition to those women who have been running and competing their whole life. My fastest 5K time to date is 27:56, and the ones who usually place in the 40-44 age group are running it in more like 19, 20, maybe 22 minutes. Just to give you some perspective.

So you can imagine my surprise when I placed 2nd in my age group on Saturday!

me with my medal

See that medal? My first!

getting my medal

It was a particularly hot and hilly run, and yes, it was verrrry small and there was very little competition. I didn’t even get my best time; I ran it in 29:15. Everyone was finishing a minute or so longer than their typical 5K time due to the heat and the challenging terrain.

So yeah, me placing for my age group was a bit of a fluke. But I’ll take it!

I would have never come out for this race on such a hot day except to run with these girls!

Whitney, JL, Colleen

Whitney, JL and Colleen