I Have Strange Kids

Last night for dinner, I served chicken Caesar salad.  It’s one of my favorite summertime dinners, and this was the first of the season.  In years past, one bag of salad is plenty.  But last night we cleaned the bowl, and the kids were begging for more.  And I’m not talking about just more croûtons.  They were begging for more lettuce.  Note to self: 2 bags of salad needed from now on.

Then today at lunch I made myself a spinach salad.  My 2-year-old kept begging for scraps off my plate, so finally I made her one of her very own.  She scarfed it down and asked for more.  Here’s proof if you don’t believe me.

Who has ever heard of kids who love salad!?

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41 thoughts on “I Have Strange Kids

  1. lol, I know it sounds weird for kids to love salads. My DD also loves salad, or any vegetables for that matter. At dinner we’re usually bribing her to eat a bite of meat or two before she can have seconds of the vegetables… lol.

  2. We all love salad here, too (good thing, considering recent events). I haven’t yet given it to my baby, though, b/c I’m afraid she’ll choke.

  3. My girls love it too. Especially my youngest who is 3. She’ll even ask for it as a snack. Not sure how it happened…she tasted mine one day and hasn’t looked back.

  4. Last summer I had to take my now 15 year old son to the doctor. He was bruising way too easy and the bruises would stay for weeks and weeks. Said he was way low on Vit K (he has an eating disorder). Since then, I make salads with baby spinach leaves and romaine lettuce… just the dark leafy greens. My kids love it now, but took some getting used to at first for them. Was a plus for me as I can’t stand iceburg lettuce, lol. We’ve also made the switch to just whole wheat and long grain rice, as well as all sorts of other healthy foods. We should have been doing this all along.

  5. Two of mine love salad too. I’m so glad. Of course, one of them is my super tiny 4 year old boy, who could really use more fat in his diet. 😉

  6. No recipe! Just the bag of Caesar salad mix and grilled chicken on top. I marinate my chicken in Italian salad dressing. YUM.

  7. Okay, spill! How do you get your child to eat spinach salad? Chocolate sprinkle dressing? Licorice bits? Please, do tell!

  8. That’s great! My son wouldn’t eat salad when he was little, and I can’t remember when he started liking it, but he does now. My daughter won’t eat anything that even resembles lettuce. Unless it’s cooked – she LOVES turnip & collard greens and will eat spinach if it is cooked. But if she sees me putting lettuce on a sandwich, she is sure to let me know, “I don’t like salad!”

  9. We have salad lovers here too. Their favorite is Chicken Caesar salad pizza. I made Cobb salad the other night (one of my fav summer time dinners) and they begged for more. I don’t get it but I am not complaining either 🙂

  10. All 3 of mine love salad! They used to pick out the things they didn’t like but after lots of encouragement to try different items, they realize you can’t taste most of them anyway! I always use about 2-3 different kinds of lettuce, and if you tear the spinach into small pieces, they won’t notice, and just eat it right up!

  11. My Cassie adores salad! And Faithy likes it sometimes, too. 🙂 I never notice except when I am on weight watchers, cuz that’s the only time we eat salad around here. :-p

  12. Please tell me how you did it! I am swearing that my second will be a better eater than my first, but I am not sure how to make it happen!

  13. Oh, we like salad…but my kids hate the green stuff.
    What green stuff?
    Yea, thats right…the salad!

    So to complete the above statement, we like salad…..dressing.

  14. My kids love salad too, and always have. I’ve never had a hard time giving it to them. With tossed salads I just had to remember to include a vegetable that I know they really liked.

  15. That’s wonderful but yeah, a little unheard of. Although my Godson loves a good salad and his parents won’t touch the stuff (well, at least not his Dad!)

  16. All 4 of my kids love salads. Any kind. I thought they were weird too but they even order salads when we go out to eat.

  17. Princess loves salad. She is always stealing from our salads and has even requested it for a meal instead of pizza or chicken fingers! I’m grateful that she likes healthy food but it still seems a little weird.

  18. Any tips for how you made this happen would be welcome. We did everything right….never catered to pickiness, never forced her to try foods, introduced veggies early, etc.etc. Lettuce is still a no go. SIGH. Color me jealous here.

  19. It’s great that they like salad! My kids like some weird foods too–they all eat Pickled Beets, which I will not touch. But I happily make them for my family since they like them so much!

  20. My 5-year-old loves spinach salad — she had two bowls of it for dinner. I read somewhere that baby spinach is particularly bland/has very little taste, so it’s suprisingly appealing to kids. Go figure…

  21. Both my girls absolutely love salad. I’d love to see your recipe for Cesar Salad, I just saw one for grilled chicken cesar salad.

  22. Both my boys starting eating salad at around 2 years old. I just never said you might not like it. I acted like all 2 year olds ate salad.

  23. One of my girls loves lettuce. She calls every kind of green leafy veggie “salad”. She’ll pick the lettuce off our subs and eat them when she can! The other one…not so much.

  24. My daughter recently declared lettuce her favorite food (with her Daddy’s homemade dressing). We are growing lettuce and arugula in our backyard and I plan to fill her plate with it often.

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