I Have Two Very Random and Unrelated Things I Feel The Need To Share

First, when we were walking into preschool this morning, C spotted her last year’s teacher down the hall.  You know how kids are often awkward when they run into their teacher from the previous year?  And C tends to be awkward and shy around people at first, anyway.  So I felt myself inadvertently preparing myself for her typical shy routine. 

Well, imagine my surprise and delight when C ran past me and hurled herself into her teacher’s arms.  Her teacher grabbed her up and held her for a few minutes and talked to her before putting her down and sending her off to class. 

All this happened while I stood there in a daze, observing the scene while unexpected tears threatened to spill down my cheeks.  It was just so precious.  And even more precious was the way C said good-bye and then walked right on into her new classroom without even looking back.

And lest I make you nauseous with the overabundance of sappy mommy posts I’ve written this week, here’s something of a very different nature.

This is how lazy I am.  A few nights ago I killed a fly on the frame of my computer screen.  The dead fly guts are still there, two days later, starting at me every time I sit down to the computer.  I never think about it when I’m up and around, and once I sit down, I’m too much of a bum to get up off my bum and get a napkin with which to dispose of him.

Now THAT is the very definition of pathetic.

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  1. Haha that is exactly the sort of thing I do-leave stuff lying around! I too always forget when I’m up and about. But when I sit down i’m totally too lazy to do something about it. Soo relate on that one!!

  2. Well for someone who was worried about nothing to post today you are on a roll!

    That is wonderful about C. And how sweet of her former teacher to scoop her up like that and give her full attention for a few moments.

  3. I can relate to the fly guts… I have a few of my own “fly guts” around my house that I am too lazy to take care of… *sigh*

    Here’s my other confession: I always read you on my bloglines and obviously haven’t come over to your blog to comment recently, because I somehow missed that you had changed your blog design… Can I just say I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Good job Everyday Mommy!


  4. That was sweet (the teacher story, not the fly story. ick.)

    I remember finding out during Big Brother’s kindergarten year that he would ask to leave the room to use the bathroom, and on the way he’d pop into the pre-k room so he could say hi to the pre-k teacher. He’s never been a super-emotional, demonstrative child, so we were pretty amazed at this. The teacher didn’t discourage the visits, and gradually he stopped doing that. But I guess it helped with the transition.

  5. EW! It’s gonna be all dried on there and you’re gonna have to scrape it off with your FINGERNAIL. GLARRRGH.

    But way to go, C. Man she has taken you on the ride of your life this week, has she not?

  6. Hi, just checking in! My heart was very full reading about your baby’s preschool experience! I’m so glad things are working out!!!
    I have so many ‘lazy’ stuff around here too, it’s so funny you shared yours. I don’t know if it’s lazy or I just don’t want to take the extra 10 seconds to go get the tissue when I have a million other things to do ;0
    There that is my explanation and I”m sticking to it!!!!!

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