I Have Two Very Random and Unrelated Things I Feel The Need To Share

First, when we were walking into preschool this morning, C spotted her last year’s teacher down the hall.  You know how kids are often awkward when they run into their teacher from the previous year?  And C tends to be awkward and shy around people at first, anyway.  So I felt myself inadvertently preparing myself for her typical shy routine. 

Well, imagine my surprise and delight when C ran past me and hurled herself into her teacher’s arms.  Her teacher grabbed her up and held her for a few minutes and talked to her before putting her down and sending her off to class. 

All this happened while I stood there in a daze, observing the scene while unexpected tears threatened to spill down my cheeks.  It was just so precious.  And even more precious was the way C said good-bye and then walked right on into her new classroom without even looking back.

And lest I make you nauseous with the overabundance of sappy mommy posts I’ve written this week, here’s something of a very different nature.

This is how lazy I am.  A few nights ago I killed a fly on the frame of my computer screen.  The dead fly guts are still there, two days later, starting at me every time I sit down to the computer.  I never think about it when I’m up and around, and once I sit down, I’m too much of a bum to get up off my bum and get a napkin with which to dispose of him.

Now THAT is the very definition of pathetic.