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“I like nurses.”

So I’m sitting in the rocker nursing Rebecca. C is playing nearby. She looks up and says, “I want to nurse Rebecca.”

A bit taken aback, I said, “Well. You can nurse your dollies, but you can’t nurse Rebecca.”

“Why?” asks C.

I thought a moment. “Well, your b–bs don’t have milk. Only Mommy’s b–bs have milk.” (Yes, I use the word b–b with my three-year-old. I hate technical terminology.)

Without a moment’s hesitation, C announces indignantly, “I have peetend milk in my b–bs!”

I’m hardly able to contain my laughter.

Then a moment later she says, “I like nurses. Mommy, when I was a baby, did I eat your nurses?”

I give up. I’m howling, tears are streaming down my face.

C, quizzically, “What, Mommy?”

“Yes, honey,” I reply, “you sure did.”

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