I Surivived!

I’m back home, feeling a little woozy from the Ativan and hoping that the Vidoin will set in soon.  Yeowch!  Evidently they had to cut out my wisdom teeth.  They said they were well-rooted.  Happy Valentine’s Day to me!

And I do have a piece of advice for you.  If they give you the option for a sedative, TAKE IT.  Even if your insurance doesn’t pay for it, PAY FOR IT OUT OF POCKET.  Ativan just didn’t cut it, people.

On an entirely different note, those of you who are trying to eat healthier this year may be interested in this:

EatBetterAmerica.com (General Mills-run) is giving out free samples of
the original Fiber One cereal.  As you may already know, Fiber One provides 57% of the average adults daily fiber requirement, has 0
grams of sugar, and 60 calories per serving. All you have to do to receive
your free sample is to sign up for the Eat Better America newsletter (URL
below). The newsletter is an e-mail that is sent out once per month that
provides recipes and tips for people to start living healthier lives.

Please sign-up right away for your free sample and help spread the word
by sharing this special offer with your readers.  To receive the sample and sign up for the newsletter, visit: http://eatbetteramerica.com/fiber.

We have been slowly but surely implementing better eating habits for our family, and Fiber One is always in our pantry.  It’s more than just a cereal.  You can use Fiber One to make all sorts of nutritious muffins that you and your kids will enjoy (I’ll post my favorite apple bran muffin recipe next week!), you can throw some into your pancake mix to add some fiber, you can toss some on top of your yogurt or your salad for a wholesome crunch.  The possibilities are endless.

And ironically enough, in our home, my children eat Fiber One for breakfast with milk and a sprinkling of brown sugar on top.  They ask for it sometimes.  So don’t assume that your kids won’t eat it just because it sounds revolting to you. 

And also, the Eat Better America newsletter sounds like a great way to keep on top of the latest news regarding current health trends.  I’m definitely signing up for that!

Alrighty.  I’m on my way to the couch with my mouth shoved full of gauze and a bowl of ice cream, hoping last night’s Project Runway is on my DVR.  That’s one way I don’t mind spending an afternoon.