I Survived!

So.  I survived the last 24 hours. 

Survived meaning, I’m still living and breathing.  Which is more than I can say for my house. 

Isn’t it funny how your house can be in tip-top shape when your first guest arrives, and by the time the third guest arrives, the kitchen is a disaster.  Then by the time the first guest leaves, the whole first floor of your house is a disaster.  And by the time the last guest leaves, you wonder what on earth you were thinking when you volunteered to host a brunch for 25 women?

Naw, it really wasn’t that bad.  At least, it seems better now that I’ve had a 3-hour nap.  Yes, I said three hours. 

After my last guest left, I took a look at my disaster of a kitchen, and decided to leave it is it was and go upstairs to put the baby down for her nap.  As it turned out, she put me down for a nap.  We both slept for three hours. 


When I got up, everything was as I had left it, but it didn’t seem so overwhelming.  With Hubby’s help, we got everything back in shape shortly.

Which leads me to the Silpada party last night. 

I just have one question.  How is it that I haven’t discovered this stuff before now?  Perhaps God was being gracious, knowing that once I saw it, I would covet EVERYTHING.

I’ve been to other jewelry shows, and I didn’t really get too excited about them.  But this Silpada thing.  I could get into this.

So much for no frivolous spending.

I couldn’t resist those.  I’ve been wanting a pair of earrings to wear when I want something funky and fun that will stand out.  I wear diamond studs all the time, and I lurv my diamonds.  But sometimes an outfit or an event just calls for something, well, BIGGER.  You know?  These Silpada beauties fit the bill.

I think I tried on every piece of jewelry she had on display, but I only allowed myself to buy one item.  And these were one of the least expensive items she had.  So I was pretty proud of myself.

I have several pieces on my Christmas wishlist. 

Like this.

Isn’t that FAB? 

FAB is my new word, by the way.  You have to write it in all caps.  Last night, everything the hostess had was SO FAB.  She was cracking me up.  No one pout on a thing that didn’t look JUST FAB.  Can you imagine?  She’s a saleswoman through and through. 

Then there was this.

It’s a choker, and the little silver bead lays right in the dent in my collar bone.  There must be a more elegant word to describe that part of one’s anatomy than a dent, but it escapes me at the moment.

Anyway, I wore that necklace around most of the night.  In fact, the hostess had to rip it off me, kicking and screaming, before she would let me leave.  It suited me perfectly, everybody said so.  I really hope she puts a bug in Hubby’s ear come Christmas time.

I would host a party (you know how they always try to suck you in with promises of free stuff), but I’m pretty sure another neighbor is going to do one, and I really don’t think our neighborhood can handle more than one Silpada party before Christmas. 

Then I thought, Hey!  What if I become a Silpada Rep?  ‘Cause, you know, I’d have to keep a well-stocked inventory to be a successful business woman.  Meaning lots of pretty jewelry for moi!  And maybe I could even earn myself a bit of extra spending money. 

But I find it hard to believe that anyone really makes anything through these home show businesses.  I wouldn’t do it just for the jewelry.  I’d only do it if I thought I could make some extra spending money.  I wouldn’t need enough to support my family.  But enough to support my handbag habit would be nice.

Does anyone have any input or advice on this?