I Want My Hour Back!

It occurred to me that Daylight Savings is sort of like buying on credit.  You get that glorious extra hour in the fall, but then spring arrives, and the bill comes due.  Did anyone else feel like a lead weight crawling out of bed this morning?

Speaking of buying on credit, HA!  My husband ordered the iMac for me yesterday.  It should arrive later this week.  I feel like Christmas is coming again!  I can’t wait to see if the World of the Mac is magnificent as everyone in the Mac Cult says it is.

There is a reason we’re moving to the Mac.  But it’s still sort of a secret.  I’m starting a little home-based business.  And I’m so excited about it I could spit.  (Truthfully, I have no desire to spit.  Those words just flowed off the fingertips.  Where does that expression come from, anyway?)

Any-Who.  I’ll give you a little hint.  The business combines my newfound love for Adobe Illustrator and my long-standing love for blogging.  And my ongoing mantra that every blogger should have an original blog design.

Okay, so that’s more than a little hint.  But did I mention that I’m just so excited??  And anyone who knows me knows that I can’t contain myself when I have a new obsession.  I just have to talk about it.  So there it is.

I’m off to the orthodontist this morning.  They messed up my molds the last time, and I have to have them remade.  Joy.  Did I mention my phobia of all things dental related, and that I tend to be a little claustrophobic when a big gob of Model Magic is shoved in my mouth and held in there until it hardens?  Yeah, not fun. 

But on the upside, I have recovered from the wisdom teeth removal, and nothing they do at the orthodontist today could possibly compare to the agony I experienced with that.

Okay, over and out!

P.S.  I’ve found a great exfoliant I want to share with you!  Check it out at Chic Critique.