I’d Rather Be By The Lake

I am not a big pool person.  I don’t like the smell of chlorine, I don’t like to get wet, and I don’t like to be seen in a swimsuit.  I sound like a jolly good time, don’t I? 

If I MUST be seen in a swim suit, then I’d rather sit by the lake or the ocean.  The view is prettier, the smells are prettier, and there is more to do than stand around in knee-deep water, waiting to get splashed by your rambunctious toddler.

In fact, my happiest summer memories pretty much revolve around water, but not the chlorinated kind.  Every summer we spend a long weekend at the Jersey shore and a couple weeks at my Grampa’s lake house in New England, and it’s a toss-up as to which I prefer — the lake or the beach.  Just as long as it’s not the pool.

As much as I love the sounds and smells of the ocean, I daresay there is NOTHING more peaceful than lounging by the lake with a good book, watching the sunlight dance on the water (while my mom or husband watch the kids, of course).

Since I’m supposed to be taking it easy, I’m going to let the pictures do the talking.

Kids on the dock, August 2007

Fun in the water — the tube is my son’s favorite place to be.  Notice I’m safely behind the camera, INSIDE the boat.

Sunset on the lake.

Mommy and me.  August 2006.

Family picture, August 2007.

Where is your favorite place to be in the summer?  Let’s hear about it.

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31 Responses

  1. oo I love all water.. love to swim.. hate the swimsuit thing.. thats why I get in the water. However I love going to my parents house on the lake. We will be spending Memorial Day there this year 🙂

    You need to get on the tube its a blast 🙂

  2. Beautiful shots!
    My hubby loves the lake. I love the ocean. Hands down, I absolutely crave the ocean as soon as it gets warm.

  3. first time visitor to your blog… i would love to live by the beach – i’m not too far now but to be *right there* would be so much better! lakes? not so much – i’ll pass on those. have a great day 🙂

  4. I have very fond lake memories too. As a child, we went to ‘our’ lake most weekend days and even during the week sometimes as well. Some of my favorite memories are of boat rides, splashing around and playing games with my friends in the water, picnic lunches and dinners, and – well, everything.

    It’s the one place that I so wish I could share with my own children. 🙂

    I love your photos – just beautiful!

  5. What beautiful photos! I’m definitely a sea person – something about the tides and the salty air make me incredibly calm and happy!

  6. Ocean, definitely the ocean! Growing up it was the Jersey Shore, but now I’ve been spoiled by living in FL and coastal NC. Those beaches rock!

    Very sweet pictures – you have lovely kids 🙂

  7. Oh, your kids are just precious! Looks like so much fun. I’d have to say that any type of water would do for me. Not that I partake…I just like to sit on the side lines and soak up the sun and splash myself when I get too hot. Love summer…

  8. Lovely pics, Jo. TAKE IT EASY!! Even though we are close to a lake, it is nowhere as nice as what you are posting! Therefore, I enjoy going our local park with a pool. There is a little beach area and plenty of places to picnic and hang out. Looking forward to it.

  9. I wish I had a Grandpa who had a lake house. What a blessing that is for you and your family to partake of that each year. Beautiful pictures.

  10. You have a beautiful family. For the record, I would love to be able to wear jeans at the lake in August. You can’t wear jeans ANYwhere in August in Houston. And, the lake that we go to in SC isn’t much better for wearing long pants. But, oh, the sunset and fun times more than make up for it!

  11. WHen my kids were KIDS my fav place to be was poolside, chatting with friends, reading, just relaxing every afternoon under the big ole umbrella while the girls swam and turned brown as nuts! With a cool drink in hand……oh, the life.

    Now that I have an empty nest my fav way to spend summer is inside with the a/c turned waaaaay down. Reading, relaxing with a cool drink in hand! Perusing blogs and reminising!

  12. I like a stroll by the ocean or lake, but if I have to get in, I’ll take a pool every time. I prefer my marine critters behind glass (or under it, as the case may be) please. How’s (how are) your hands/wrists/arms?

  13. I love that picture of just you and your daughter – so lovely.

    They are all great but that one really struck me.

    You’re so lucky that you have a family retreat like that. We used to go to the lake a lot when I was a kid because my parent’s best friends had a lake “house” (or mobile home rather!) and it was so wonderful to have a place like that to go and relax and have fun.

    Now I just love going to the beach – that’s my favorite.

  14. Lake person here(White Mountains of NH thank you!)
    I love the lake so much I named my daughter Laken…

  15. I love any kind of water in the summer. Not necessarily being in the water…just being by the water. Kicking back with a book and a breeze is just about perfect!!

  16. We like to spend the summers in the Poconos at my parents vacation home.

    Your right, there is something about sitting at the lake…and I love that the nights are cool enough for a sweater up there.

    But, I also like to spend it next to our pool also….and the beach. Oh well, I guess all water is good. Give me a book, and good drink and my sunglasses and I’m set!

  17. Wonderful pics!

    Well, my favorite part of summer is NOT the tourists! I rarely go to the beach in the summer because of that. But I enjoy the time by the pool and cook outs with the family.

  18. Anywhere that there is my family, no schedule, lots of good food and a bottle of wine is my favorite place for vacation.

    Hope you are taking care of yourself and that you were able to get into the doctor today. Keep us posted.

  19. Summer as a kid was also the Jersey Shore, Long Beach Island to be specific. Always enjoyed the changing tide. Now we live on the Gulf of Mexico and I love it as well, although the tide changes are much more minimal. The pool in the back yard is easier and no sand, but I love going to the beach.
    Thanks for the great photos, take care of that arm.

  20. Uhhhh yeah exact opposite, I hate the lake or anything with FISH in it. We have a lake (only blue water lake in the US) in our front yard and we put a pool in our backyard..why? Because silly, the lake has FISH.

  21. I love being near water too! But I also love a good cabin in the mountains. Anywhere that I don’t have to look at laundry or be too hot!

    BTW, I loved those pic last summer when you posted them. And I loved seeing them again. the scenery is beautiful and y’all look so relaxed!

  22. Definitely the beach! I love the beach. But my pool in my backyard is a close second. Lake is a little too nasty for me. But I love to water ski on the lake.

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