I’d Rather Be By The Lake

I am not a big pool person.  I don’t like the smell of chlorine, I don’t like to get wet, and I don’t like to be seen in a swimsuit.  I sound like a jolly good time, don’t I? 

If I MUST be seen in a swim suit, then I’d rather sit by the lake or the ocean.  The view is prettier, the smells are prettier, and there is more to do than stand around in knee-deep water, waiting to get splashed by your rambunctious toddler.

In fact, my happiest summer memories pretty much revolve around water, but not the chlorinated kind.  Every summer we spend a long weekend at the Jersey shore and a couple weeks at my Grampa’s lake house in New England, and it’s a toss-up as to which I prefer — the lake or the beach.  Just as long as it’s not the pool.

As much as I love the sounds and smells of the ocean, I daresay there is NOTHING more peaceful than lounging by the lake with a good book, watching the sunlight dance on the water (while my mom or husband watch the kids, of course).

Since I’m supposed to be taking it easy, I’m going to let the pictures do the talking.

Kids on the dock, August 2007

Fun in the water — the tube is my son’s favorite place to be.  Notice I’m safely behind the camera, INSIDE the boat.

Sunset on the lake.

Mommy and me.  August 2006.

Family picture, August 2007.

Where is your favorite place to be in the summer?  Let’s hear about it.

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