I’m Clearly Not A Woman Of My Word

Because first I said I was going to take a spending hiatus for the rest of the year.  And that resolution is obviously in the toilet. 

Then I said I was not going to mention my  hair again.  And my hair is all I’ve been talking about.  So why stop now?

Some of you advised me to let my hair dry naturally and see what happens.  So I did.  My hair has always been what I would describe as fine, thin, and stick-straight.  In the last few months it has become fine, thin, and frizzy.

I have never, EVER had a curl in my hair that wasn’t coerced by a curling iron or a permanent treatment at the hair dresser’s.  So I didn’t have high hopes for the let-it-dry-naturally approach that some of you suggested when I asked for product advice.  But I’m desperate, and it sounded healthier than blow-drying every day, so last Saturday morning I gave it a try.

Let’s just say, it was not what I’d call a successful experiment.  It didn’t curl exactly.  It just went wavy and frizzy.  And one side totally stuck out from my head, and the other curled under and stuck close to my head. 

It was basically a blazing sign announcing, FRUMPY HAUSFRAU!  Or at the very least, "I was in a hurry this morning and couldn’t even take five minutes to style my hair."

In other words, I’m not sure it’s the answer to my hair crisis.

I wish I could take the advice of those of you who suggested the good ol’ ponytail, but unfortunately my hair is too short right now to pull even that off.  I’m about to invest in a cute baseball cap.

But before I resort to that, I’m going to sort through all of your product suggestions from Friday and select a few things to try.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  I’m sure you can’t wait.