I’m Defrosting As I Type This

The birthday party was a success.  It was c-o-o-o-o-old and windy, but the sun came out and the boys had a blast.  I think it’s safe to say they will sleep well tonight.

The view was breathtaking.

"Happy Birthday to You!"

Anyone want to join me for a glass of wine?  Or a cupcake perhaps?

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  1. Susanne – So true! YAY!

    Amanda – LOL. Isn’t that a hoot? She wrote Happy Birthday in black magic marker on the bag. It must have been all she had on hand.

  2. Just recently came across your blog and have enjoyed reading it. I’ll definitely join you for the wine or a cupcake!

  3. What a great park!!! And what an amazing view! Sorry, it was cold, but it looked like a nice day anyway. And when you’re a kid and you’re running none stop, you don’t notice the cold! Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy!!

  4. You know what, it was nice today! And really not too cold at all. I’m sure when our kid(s) are older we will consider that location for parties too. It doesn’t look like many people were there!

  5. Looks like the birthday boy had a blast. Glad it all went well and it wasn’t colder – or raining! And you don’t have lots of extra cleaning to do now – yay!
    Those cupcakes do look yummy – I’ll have one in spirit – so it won’t go to my hips!

  6. MMM.. How ’bout both. Chocolate and red wine are great together! Glad it was a fun party. I loved the pictures and it does look like a really great setting for kids, even despite the chill. Kids don’t even notice chill, do they? Just wipe the snot-cicle on that sleeve and move on!

  7. Glad D had such a great party! What a lovely place to have one, it’s beautiful there. Have seen your mother once but think she is heading back this afternoon. It was wild here yesterday with heavy winds and rain!

  8. Aw looks like FUN! I can’t wait to throw parties like that someday when the kids are older. Right now they just cry and eat cupcakes on their birthdays – not fun.

    I do have to say though that that first picture looks as though the poor boy on the ground is being beaten alive. I had to look twice!

    🙂 Jamie

  9. Fun! Fun! That park is just gorgeous. We drove through Pennsylvania on our way home from New York one time and I thought the state was absolutely beautiful! Stay warm and enjoy the scenery.

  10. I actually never did develop a taste for wine, but I’ll take a cupcake. : )

    Happy Birthday to the young man!

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