I’m In A Blue Funk

Between the weather, the  PMS, the fighting kids, and the braces, I’m about ready to crawl back in bed and stay there until it all goes away. 

Anyone else?

Thanks, Darcie, for reminding me I was going to "zoink" this meme from Queen B.  A meme is about all I’m capable of today.

Where is your cell phone?  Right in front of me on my computer desk.  We ditched the long distance plan on our land line, so now my cell phone must be handy at all times.

Your significant other?  Um.  I’m confused.  Is this a where or a who?  I guess I’ll answer both.  He’s at work, earning money so I can blow it as fast as he makes it at Boden and Sephora.  And he’s my husband of 13 years.

Your hair?  Brown, dull, and dry.  I still haven’t figured out how to remedy that, and it’s rather stressing me out.

Your mother?  Strong, wise, beautiful. 

Your father?  Quiet.

Your favorite thing?  Sleep.

Your dream last night?  No idea.

Your favorite drink?  Coke Classic.  No imitations, no varieties.  Don’t mess with my Coke!

Your dream/goal?  To survive motherhood. 

The room you a€™re in?  Family room.

Your ex?  I often wonder.  I wish I knew.  He was a nice guy.

Your fear?  Terminal illness.

Where do you want to be in 6 years?  Right here.

Where were you last night?  Right here, designing blogs and watching Dancing With The Stars.

What you a€™re not?  Outdoorsy.  (I stole that one from Queen B.)

Muffins?  Yes, please.  With coffee, of course.

One of your wish list items?  A deck.

Where you grew up?  Roanoke, Virginia.

The last thing you did?  Hugged my daughter.

What are you wearing?  You really DON’T want to know.  But I’ll tell you anyway.  The same sweat pants and t-shirt I have been wearing for at least the last 24 hours.  I warned you!

Your TV?  Off.  I hate daytime TV.  And I hate noise.
Your pets?   I don’t do pets.  I have enough to clean up after with 3 kids and a husband. 

Your computer?  24" iMac — the love of my life.

Your life?  Full.

Your mood?  Pissy.  Well, you asked.

Missing someone?  My son.  I can’t wait for summer when I have my kids home all day.

Your car?  An old, beat-up Toyota Sienna.  100K miles and still going strong.

Something you a€™re not wearing?  Shoes.

Favorite store?  Nordstrom.

Your summer?  Not getting here quickly enough.

Like someone?  Um, yeah.  I like lots of people.

Your favorite color? Black for clothes, red for decorating.

When is the last time you laughed?  On the phone this morning with my friend Sarah.  Here’s a picture of us at Starbucks last week.  We actually shut up long enough to pose for this picture.

Last time you cried? Don’t remember.  I suppose that’s a good thing, huh?

Who will repost this?  YOU!  I tag YOU!  If you play along, let me know in the comments, and I’ll come visit you.

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23 thoughts on “I’m In A Blue Funk

  1. ME sort of.. Well I don’t feel like I”m in a funk, but after the kids were off to school this morning I did crawl back into bed and slept another hour and a half. Little Man hasn’t slept for the last two night. The 1st night he slept but wouldn’t sleep unless he was in my arms, which meant no sleep for me.. Then lastnight he just wouldn’t sleep. he was up wide awake and even running though the house playing from 1:30 AM till 5:30 AM UGH UGH UGH.. So after the older 3 were on there way to school I jumped back in bed and slept till Littl Man woke up.. I’m still so sleepy.

    OH and I did the meme.. Well didn’t do it today but I did this one on Monday this week.

  2. Sorry about the funk…but tomorrow is a new day!

    I loved reading this because it’s fun to learn new things about bloggers I have read for awhile!

    I will most likely do this meme too…but later this afternoon. I will let you know!

  3. I am right with you today. I met a friend for breakfast, but I’m home for the rest of the day now. I’m also hoping for a nap before I pick up the kids. Where did the warm weather from last week go?

  4. Loved getting to know more about you.. ..I liked the last thing you did…..hugged your daughter…that was sweet!

  5. I’m just grumpy – I need a “me” day… maybe later, now I’d better start working again

    Oh and I’m not wearing shoes either 🙂

  6. I love Nordstrom too – especially Nordstrom Rack! I keep hoping that they will build one in my area! As it is right now, we have to make the 2-hour trek to Phoenix if we want to go…

  7. fun post. Maybe I’ll do it tomorrow! Do I look hideous or what? – but that’s okay. Thanks for the link.

    We need another Starbucks trip!

  8. Sometimes I want a dog but I don’t want to clean up after it either.

    Hope the blues go away soon. I will probably do this meme in a couple of days. I’ll let you know and hope you will read! : )

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