I’m More Than Ready to Return to the Comfort of Home

I think my last blog post title might have been a tad misleading.  I was not at home when I wrote it.  I was just predicting the sad state of affairs that will be my arrival at home if I continue to indulge in Boardwalk fare.

Tonight, however, we WILL be going home, and I am already fantasizing about the blessed event.  I have determined that my capacity for tolerating communal living is about 2 days.  Today is day 5.  Nuff said.

But since when does that stop me?

Let me lay it out for you. 

16 people — that’s 8 adults and 8 kids ranging in age from 2 to 17.

2 bathrooms — which really aren’t 2 bathrooms, because 1 of those 2 bathrooms is part of the master suite, which belongs, as it should, to my parents-in-law, who so generously provide the vacation for the rest of us.  But that means that 14 people are pretty much sharing the 1 main bathroom.  Thank goodness for the outdoor shower and that my inlaws do share their retreat when showers are in the highest demand.

4 bedrooms — which are divvied up 1 per family.  Which means that all 5 of my immediate family members share 1 room.  Which is quite a feat come bedtime.  My children refuse to sleep elsewhere, even though they were invited to occupy the floor of my inlaws’ bedroom.

1 TV — running constantly.  And I’ve already told you how I feel about TV as background noise. 

6 comfy seats — that go quickly, especially when the TV is on.

8 dining room chairs — fortunately there are also 8 adults, so at least we all get first dibs on table seating during mealtimes.  The kids get scattered around the living room, the kitchen island, and the outside patio.

1 kitchen — shared by all, including independent youngsters who don’t exactly share my standards for cleanliness or tidiness.

You can see why my tolerance has its limits.

Lest you get the wrong idea, I don’t want to give the impression that I’m complaining in the least.  I am incredibly thankful that my inlaws provide the accommodations so that we have an affordable beach vacation every year. 

But more than that, I’m delighted that my children have this opportunity to spend quality (and quantity) time with their cousins building relationships that will hopefully last a lifetime.  We are scattered all up and down the east coast, so this is the only opportunity we have to be together in such concentrated doses.

And of course we adults enjoy the time to catch up on our busy lives.  There are a few fun traditions that we have developed over the years.  The men take a morning golf outing together, my mother-in-law treats the ladies to a breakfast date where we don’t have to cook or clean up or cut food into bits for small children, and one evening we all meet up for Boardwalk rides.  I certainly treasure these memories, and my kids already look forward to this trip every year.

Here are a few pictures.  I would like to share more, but so many include pictures of the cousins, and I don’t have permission to post those.

Here’s our little Miss Merry Sunshine.

And her sister.  I’m all out of cute nicknames.

And the big bad brother.

And this, my friends, is the best time of day.  That’s mama’s internet time.

And with that, I’m about to pour a Mike-A-Rita over ice and have me a l’il somethin’ somethin’.  I plan to enjoy the last few hours of my vaca.  Because as nice as it will be to be home with a reasonable person-to-potty ratio, a sea of laundry awaits.