I’m Officially Moving to Florida

Just as soon as I can convince my husband to put his resume out.  Our spring-like reprieve is over.  Finito.  Kaput.  Not only is it barely 30 degrees outside, but the winds are blasting us at 20 miles per hour.  I knew it was bad because I could hear it howling around the house, but nothing ever quite prepares me for the blast when I step outside our front door.  I actually got my leg caught getting into my car when the wind blew my car door shut on my leg.  Did I mention that it’s windy today?

Normally I stay inside on days like this if at all possible, but I decided to drag the girls to Target because I had to get a few things and because it’s been at least a week since I’d been to Target and I was experiencing mild withdrawal symptoms.  My littlest was literally blown backwards as we walked into the wind to get to the entrance door.  As I passed an older gentleman on my way in, I grumbled that I was going to move to Florida and he said he’d tag along.  (I think chatting to 1300 followers on Twitter has lowered my inhibitions about talking to strangers.  I was bad before, but I do it all the time now.  Here in the stoic northeast, people have varying reactions to my candor.  Fortunately in this instance, he was unphased.)

Any-WHO. (I know, any-WHO is so last year.  And beyond annoying.  But I can’t stop myself.  I need a new segue word.)  Once in Target, the new Orla Kiely dishes were beckoning.  They are highly cute.  You must check them out.  And do you know what else Orla Kiely is designing for Target?  Over-the-door shoe holders!  But they are in her new exclusively-for-Target designs that are oh-so-much-cuter than the plain gray one I have.  I ALMOST bought the brown floral one, but at the last minute I decided that I was ridiculous so I put it back.

I really think Target should pay me to be their brand evangelist, but they’re too big for their britches.  They only hire really cool people like Dooce.  Maybe Orla Kiely would hire me to be her brand evangelist.  Did I tell you about the purse from her new Spring 09 collection that I’m drooling over every time I walk through Nordstrom?  Doesn’t it just SCREAM spring!?


It’s the first item on my Spring/Summer 09 Wish List.  I bet you’re dying to know what the second item is, aren’t you?  Just play along. I’m hankering after a pair of white jeans.  I think they’re really sharp, and I saw a few pair out last year and didn’t try them on but I’m planning to give them a shot just as soon as the weather warms up.

Of course, Audrey says that white jeans are quite acceptable in the winter and she advises to put them with brown Uggs and a neutral top, which does sound super cute, but I just don’t think I’m quite fashionable enough to pull that off.  One has to know where her fashion limitations lie.  But this summer, all bets are off.

Now that I’m back in the warmth of my home, I don’t mind the wind so much.  It’s kind of comforting to be inside with the heat blasting, listening to the wind howling around my house.  Until it blows off a strip of flashing, anyway.  (I’m not joking.  That’s how windy our neighborhood is; there are pieces of mangled flashing lying around our yard when it all dies down.)

Of course if I lived in Florida, I’d have to deal with hurricane season so maybe I’ll just stay here and hibernate until summer.

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  1. I LOVE that bag. See…still working in patterns for spring!

    You move to Florida and I will meet you there! We are getting snow right now, with wind and all that fun stuff. Really not as excited as Boo seems to be.

  2. Florida may be nice now, but it’s blazing hot in the summer, which is just as bad as cold and windy in my opinion. I want to live where it’s 70 degrees year round. Oh wait… that’s California and I don’t want to live in California!! No thank you. I’ll stick to GA! The purse is really cute and I totally believe you could pull off white jeans in winter. Totally! Glad you all made it home in one piece!

  3. I’m with you on moving to Florida or any place warmer than it is here in West Michigan where I live. We had a spring tease too, then this morning woke up to a blinding snow storm. I just want to see some green grass and blue sky. Enough of winter!

  4. Thanks for reminding me why I love living in TX. And that bag–oh my word! So cute. I’m contemplating the white jeans too. Insane? Probably, what with a toddler on my hands (well, she’ll be a toddler eventually), but that won’t stop me. I’m not running my legs off for nothing.

  5. LOL!
    I didn’t even notice the date!!
    After this winter – this could have been written yesterday!

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