I’m sure there’s a sermon illustration in here somewhere.

Yesterday our neighborhood had a window-cleaning party.  By that I mean that a group of us went in together to pay a window-cleaning company to do our houses on the same day for a modest discount.

When I first broached the subject with my husband a few weeks ago, he immediately scoffed, "I can do that!"

To which I not-so-gently replied, "I know that you CAN, but I also know that you WON’T."

This problem plagues many do-it-yourselfers.  It’s hard to justify paying someone else to do something that you can do yourself.  But sometimes doing it yourself is simply more trouble than it’s worth.

We learned this when we finished our basement.  My husband did everything himself except the drywall.  Sure he COULD have done it.  But it would have taken him months all by his lonesome in his off-hours to accomplish what a team of hired drywallers did in less than a week.

And the same is true, I learned today, with windows.  We would have spent an entire Saturday doing what took three professionals 30 minutes.  They had all the right equipment at their fingertips, and they had an efficient system all worked out. 

We did try to save a few pennies by only hiring out the outside windows and the inside ones that we can’t reach.  I was supposed to go along behind and clean the insides of the accessible windows.  Easy-peasy, right?  Well guess who hasn’t done her chores yet? 

Note to self: Next time bite the bullet and pay for the insides too!