In My Next Life, I’m Living at the Beach

As it turns out, the dreary start to our beach vacation was just that — the start.  By noon the first day, the rain and clouds were moving out, and we ended up with the most glorious weather for the rest of the trip.  Which is why I didn’t have time to post again.  Here are some of my favorite photos.

D on beach

C at the beach

R at the Beach

D with Kite on the Beach

C with Kite on the Beach

Kite in the Sky

I just love the Jersey Shore with its seaside houses.

Ocean City, NJ

So now it’s back to life… back to reality.  Vacations are never quite long enough.  I hope you enjoyed your Fourth of July celebrations.  That is, of course, unless you’re one of the Canadians and Irish that read my blog.  In which case, I hope you had a nice weekend.

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  1. Happy 4th! Beautiful pictures.

    I love love the beach, too. We always vacation in Florida and it’s so tough to come home and back to reality! (not to mention lots and lots of laundry)

  2. Super photos, and impressed you managed to include yourself too 🙂

    So how many chapters have you read? (!)

    A good weekend here in Ireland, but some year I want to be in US for 4th July for BBQ and fireworks. How about a house/life swap?!!

  3. There’s nothing quite like the Jersey shore… Sigh! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a shore house some day…

  4. do you know neither of my girls have ever seen the ocean? 🙁 one of the disadvantages of living in the midwest (we’re not travel people)

    That beach house looks AWESOME!!! bet you all had a WONDERFUL time!!


  5. Honestly I can NOT imagine never having seen the ocean. It’s something I totally take for granted, living on the East Coast my entire life.

  6. Oh, the pictures are beautiful! We are heading to the outer banks in a few weeks…I can’t wait. Your photos make me long for it.

    And The Man promised me there would be plenty of time for me to just chill out and take pictures…he better not have been kidding!!!

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