In The Headlines

As I was waiting in line at the supermarket one day last week, I found myself drawn to the headlines on the periodicals that typically grace the shelves of the checkout line.  It’s like an accident scene.  You just can’t help but slow down and look.  Can someone please enlighten me as to how these syndications stay in business?

The topic of several  of the less respectable gossip rags (that’s opposed to the respectable gossip rages, ahem) focused on the curiosity surrounding Angelina Jolie’s sudden weight loss after having twins just a few weeks ago.

The cover of Star Magazine proclaims in large hot pink lettering: "Angie’s Secret Tummy Tuck!"

There was another similar story on the cover of Us Weekly that I can’t find right now. 

Um.  Personal chef?  Personal trainer?  Nanny?  Plastic surgeon?  Is this really a mystery?  Are we supposed to be SURPRISED that a Hollywood movie star has a tummy tuck after the birth of twins? 

Then there is the ever present Prevention magazine.  Every month, without fail, there is a gloriously happy and confident woman pictured on the front and the headlines promise to tone the tummy in just 5 minutes a day and provide the secrets to heart health. Every month.  The same articles.  Over and over and over. 

Is this NEWS?  Seriously?

And yet, people pay good money for this stuff.  Perplexing.

What’s your favorite newsstand headline?  Which ones suck you in every time even though you know better?