In Which I’m Reunited with Boston

My love for the city of Boston runs deep.  When I was a junior in high school, my mom took my best friend and me on a weekend trip to Boston.  We stayed at the Marriott at Copley Place, perused the adjoining shops, visited the historic Faneuil Hall, and saw South Pacific at the Wang Center.  Yeah, I know, my mom’s awesome.

A few years later I returned to Boston’s North Shore where I attended a small liberal arts college.  During those four years, taking the T (the train) into Boston to shop at Copley Place and Faneuil Hall became a regular event for my college girlfriends and me.  (That and midnight Denny’s runs and sneaking onto the beach after hours to hang out and pontificate about the meaning of life and what to wear on our next date.  Wait.  I didn’t have dates.  I have no idea what we talked about, but anyway.)

After college, I returned to my parents’ home in Virginia for a year before getting married and moving to the Philly area where the rest, as they say, is history.  I hadn’t been back to Boston in 15 years until two weeks ago when I was invited by iRobot to participate in a mom blogger summit.  Being back in Boston was the so much fun.  As soon as I settled into my room at the posh Hotel Commonwealth, I hopped the T to Fanueil Hall.

As luck would have it, I got to return to Boston for a T.J.Maxx/Marshall’s event this week.  This time they put us up at none other than the Fairmont at COPLEY PLAZA, which was was pure luxury.  I could have lounged in that scrumptious bed all day . . . well, if there wasn’t shopping to attend to.  It was a T.J.Maxx trip, after all.  A girl’s gotta have priorities.

When I arrived, I found this thoughtful greeting on my bed, compliments of T.J.Maxx/Marshall’s.

I wasted no time dropping off my bags and heading across the street to Copley Place where I discovered that things have certainly changed in 15 years.  It was always a swanky shopping hot spot (I have no idea what we poor college students were doing there, but I remember how we loved to go and walk around), but now it’s even more out of control.  There are stores I’ve never even seen before, like Barney’s and Jimmy Choo.  I wandered in just for kicks and giggles.  In Barney’s, I saw a gorgeous purple silk dress that looked perfect for me.  I considered trying it on for fun until I saw the $3200 price tag.  I was afraid to breathe on it, much less try it on, so I quickly fled for familiar territory upstairs at the Banana Republic, where unfortunately I am not afraid to try on clothes.  In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever left that store empty handed.

I reunited with my Disney pal Christine, and we wandered around the farmers market in Copley Square, where she introduced me to some pastry-ish delight that I’ve never heard of before, and it’s probably a good thing I don’t have access to them on a daily basis.

Then it was back to the hotel to get dressed for dinner.

In the lobby I met Susan for the first time.  I love that she talks as fast as I do.  And I got to see my girls Christine, Alli, Audrey, and Lori again.  Please forgive the crazy lighting.  My flash was turned off for some reason.

At dinner, I sat with these lovely ladies.

And I got to catch up with Lori, who shares my love of handbags.  In fact, it sounds like her handbag collection puts mine to shame.  I better get to work on that.

We gorged on Mexican food and these blue and red margaritas that were too good to be legal.   At least that’s what I hear.  I opted for the wine because the crazy colors scared me off, but I have been regretting that decision ever since.

Wednesday was a blast, from learning about how T.J.Maxx and Marshall’s can bring us style and quality at amazing prices, to seeing new fall back-to-school fashions, to discussing how we as bloggers can work with PR in a mutually beneficial relationship, to shopping at the biggest T.J.Maxx and Marshall’s I’ve ever been to.  Turns out, they stock different stores differently, depending on the demographic they serve.  Evidently those stores cater to an upscale demographic because I scored a gorgeous pair of Joe’s Jeans and some sassy Cole Hahn sling-back pumps for a fraction of their retail price, as well as a few precious outfits for my new nephew.

I wanted desperately to return to my luscious bed at the Fairmont, but unfortunately I scheduled a flight home Wednesday night so I could turn around and fly to Charlotte this afternoon for the She Speaks Conference.

I’ve already hugged the necks of some of my favorite bloggers and enjoyed a nice dinner where we celebrated Lysa’s big birthday.  I won’t say which one it is because a lady never divulges her age or her dress size.

I’m sure I’ll have plenty to say and pictures to post this weekend, but for now this weary traveler has a date with the sandman.

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15 thoughts on “In Which I’m Reunited with Boston

  1. Yes – I am very spoiled to live right here on the North Shore!!! Loved hearing of your trip!!! I have been to many an event at the Copley – what a beautiful place to stay. Now – if I could myself to Charlotte that would be cool!!

  2. I was also longing for that luscious bed when I thought I was going to be stranded in Atlanta! Luckily, I made it home.. almost passed out.. but made it home.

    It was a pleasure meeting you!

  3. Sounds like you had a fabulous time!
    We were in Boston yesterday to visit the New England Aquarium. It is so nice now that the Central Artery is gone! What a difference in the scenery.

  4. You girls look to be having a wonderful time and it sounds like TJ Maxx is treating you well. I recognize some of those faces from last week, so fun! Have a great time as She Speaks, I’m sure it’s going to fabulous as well!

  5. I’m sorry I missed meeting you…again.

    As always, you look gorgeous and fashionable.

    Don’t you just love Susan? She and Janice are both super sweet.

  6. It was sooo great to see you again! I still need to post some pix, but hmmm… several of them look an awful lot like yours!

    And should you ever wish to look up a recipe (oh wait, maybe that’s a bad idea for many reasons…) the delightful treat you had was a kringle. Yummy! xoxo Christine

  7. A kringle!!!! Ahhh… so now I know. It looked pretty complicated to make, which I’m thinking is a GOOD thing. I won’t likely try it. 😉

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