In Which She Complains About the Weather (vol. 152)

I’m trying to stay busy and remain positive and wait this out, but Y’ALL.  It’s getting to me.

March is bad but you know it’s March so you wait it out and hope for a better April.  April comes and it’s still raw and gloomy but you say, well, April can be dicey.  It’s a short month; I’ll make it.  Because May will be beautiful. And you cross your fingers and close your eyes and click your heels together three times and hope it will be so.

And now it’s MAY. And its STILL cold and dreary out there.  I think it has rained for a week straight, and there is no end in sight.  So desperate are my children to get fresh air that they play outside in the drizzle.  Or, as my 3-year-old says, “It’s only dwippin’.”

I finally broke down and turned on the heat and dug my flannel pajamas out of the winter clothes bin that I was about to deposit in the attic.  On May 5th.  Now THAT’S ridiculous.

My informal Twitter poll tells me that I’m not alone.  It seems like God just forgot about Spring this year.  Of course I don’t believe God forgets anything so there must be a logical explanation.

My grandfather (now deceased) had a habit of saying that when he got to heaven, the first thing he was going to ask God was [fill in the blank].  Now it’s a standing family joke.  So I’ll carry on the legacy and say that when I get to heaven, the first thing I’m going to ask God is whatever happened to the Spring of 2009???

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18 thoughts on “In Which She Complains About the Weather (vol. 152)

  1. I so feel you on the weather issue. I had 5 days off this week and had all kinds of fun planned for Brea and I. It rained everyday so no park or go carts this go around. Hopefully the sun will shine down on us SOON!

  2. I’m afraid of summer. I’m afraid it’ll be hot and miserable, and I’ll regret that it ever arrived. But I’m with ya. I’m SO tired of rain and chilly weather (and having to grab an extra blanket in the middle of the night, because I’m COLD). I wanted to plant a garden over the weekend, but do you think the weather cooperated??? NO!

  3. The warmth is coming! We have had the same weather and you guys are east of us so hang on. The gorgeous spring 70 degree days are on their way. Our backyard is a swamp but it hasn’t rained since last Friday. It is supposed to rain this afternoon but the days in between have been glorious :}

  4. Sounds like Indiana and PA are very similar in weather patterns. We’ve had a lot of rainy, dreary days in the last week, and sometimes the sun likes to play peek-a-boo with us, too. It’s been mostly warmer in the 60’s – 70’s, but I would be happy if these leftover April showers would go away.

  5. We have had a lot of rain, but is gorgeous out in between. Right now, wonderful. In about three hours, storms. I can live with that for now. Plus, tomorrow is the only day this week is isn’t supposed to rain.

  6. Did you not see the “warm” sun shining for 22.4 minutes today? Of course I was driving back from the hair salon and had not brought sunglasses with me because there was no sun in the forecast.
    All that I can say is that it better get warm quick because I got my hair chopped (not on purpose) and my hair is shorter than my sons’ hair…clippers were involved but I didn’t notice until too late because I was distracted by Isaac for a few minutes….
    I am trying not to cry but this gloomy weather is not helping!!!

  7. UGH – I KNOW! Seriously, my sinuses are a wreck and I broke down and turned the heat back on too. I almost wish we hadn’t had a “teaser” of nice weather last week. Please, sunshine, come back!

  8. LOL, oh my dear…apparently you haven’t lived in Phoenix. We know that Spring is a slippery slope because before we bat our eyelashes, it will be 115 with a LOW of 95. We do not pray for Spring because we know that big bad Summer is on its heels. LOL

  9. It’s rained a lot here lately but I can’t complain too much since we need it in our part of the country and we have had some nice days mixed in.

    Here’s to a sunnier forecast ahead! : )

    p.s. “It’s only dwippin'” is the cutest thing I’ve read all day!

  10. It’s been raining alot here too but it’s thunderstorms so it will be sunny one minute & pouring the next! At least it’s been warm. I’d hate to deal with flannel in May. LOL

  11. and even thought this is totally random and not on topic – if you make it to heaven first, could you do me a favor and PUNCH EVE SQUARE IN HER FACE? the parts that suck about being a woman are all her fault.
    thank you.

  12. I know!! But I’ve been a little perkier this week. It’s still cool and damp, but between the few days of sunshine a week or so ago, and all this rain, everything here in CT is beautiful — floral, lush, and green, so I am handling it a lot better than I was a month ago when it still look and felt like winter.

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