In Which She Rambles (but that would be nothing new…)

You know how sometimes you go days with NOTHING to blog about and you delve far into the recesses of your brain to find something interesting to say?  And then you have a week when there is too much to say and too much to do to take the time to say it?  Yeah, I’m having one of those weeks.

I’m wondering if it’s possible for a night owl to suddenly become a morning person.  I’m sure it has more to do with the sun coming up at 5am than my personality changing, but I’m realizing how utterly delightful it is to wake up with the birds.  The only caveat is that my 3-year-old can sense my waking from a mile away.  Or a room away, as the case may be.  Actually, she’s usually in bed beside me, so that would certainly explain it.  At any rate, I’d rather have the early morning hours to myself, but I’ll take what I can get.

This morning I’ve already had my blood drawn, gone to the grocery store, and had 1-1/2 cups of coffee and an English Muffin.  I’m in my workout clothes, trusting that the urge to Shred will hit just as soon as I finish this blog post, and hopefully before my children awake.  (Yes, my 3-y/o did hear me get up this morning, but when I left the house without her, she had no choice but to snuggle up to her daddy and go back to sleep.  Maybe I should run errands at 7am every morning.)

Yesterday was a great day with a rough ending.  I’ll postpone the rough ending for another post.  In fact, I have plans to elaborate on that over at Parenting Squad later this week, and I’ll be sure to share the link when it goes live.

As for the rest of my day, it was full, but in a good way.  I thrive on busyness and socializing, and there was no shortage of that yesterday.  I spent the morning in an encouraging study of the Bible with a group of ladies from my church and the rest of the day at the pool, which usually results in some fantastic blog fodder.  Yesterday did not disappoint, although this time the blog fodder had nothing to do with a child almost drowning, getting lost, or throwing a temper tantrum.  In fact, this may be the first summer in my career as a mother that I won’t have to dip even a toe in the water unless I want a break from the heat.  My kids are FINALLY old enough to swim and play on their own, and with playmates galore, they have no need of my entertainment, which is meager at best.

But I had a little excitement of my own.  After I’d been at the pool for most of the afternoon, I was walking towards my chair when another mom spoke to me.  Turns out, she recognized me from Twitter.  And when I got home, I saw this in her Twitter stream:


I’m famous!  Ha.  Okay, notsomuch.  But I thought it was such a hoot.  She looked familiar, and her Twitter handle sounded familiar, but evidently I wasn’t following her.  D’oh!  Twitter FAIL.  I remedied that, though.

Today I’m preparing for the Arbonne makeup party that I’m hosting tonight.  Usually this type of event is when I fall off the wagon and eat until I have appetizers and desserts coming out my ears, so I’m purposefully keeping the food simple and light.  I plan to make my homemade mojitos as well as Ina’s Lemon Yogurt Cake.  I’ve never made the cake before, but I saw her make it on her show and then came across it in one of her cookbooks.  I have all of them — her cookbooks, that is — and I can’t recommend them highly enough if you like to cook.  Or eat.

Correction: I have all but her latest (Back to Basics), and I would LOVE to have it.  Ahem, if you’re reading, Hub.  My birthday is Wednesday, remember? Any-WHO.  I rarely try out a new recipe when I’m entertaining, but Ina has never steered me wrong, so I’m gonna take my chances tonight ’cause I’m a firm believer in living on the edge.

Besides that, I’m going to make up a gorgeous fresh fruit platter (again, with inspiration from Ina.)  The only dangerous thing I’m serving is Boursin with caramelized onions on toasted baguette slices.  Honestly, I could eat my weight in that stuff, but I’m hoping that I don’t.  At least not until after I have my makeup done.  I’m sure my friend doing the Arbonne demo will appreciate that when she’s 6 inches away from my garlic breath face, artfully applying eye shadow.  My goal tonight is to master the “smoky eye.”  I feel a Chic Critique post in the works…

And on that note, I have a Chic Critique post to get up today, so I better mosey on along.

Talk to me.  What are you doing to keep busy this summer?  What’s your favorite dish to serve for a party?  Has anyone ever recognized you from your blog?  Can you see through my blatant attempt to get more comments by asking a myriad of random questions?  Alrighty then.