Instagram Roundup & Capsule Wardrobe Week 3

It’s Saturday, so time for another Instagram Roundup, and with that I’m sharing what I wore from my capsule wardrobe this week. Tomorrow I have a Coffee Talk post for you, so if you’re a fan of those, be sure to check back.

instagram roundup

I flew home from Florida on Monday, and I wore a coral V-neck sweater and my Emma skinnies and leopard flats. By the way, THIS is how I like to buy cashmere. This sweater is regularly $169, on sale for $99.88, and then 50% off THAT is applied at checkout, bringing it down to $50!!! The quality of Ann Taylor cashmere is much nicer than the Halogen brand cashmere at Nordstrom, so when I can get it for this price, I don’t hesitate. Sizes are limited, and they’re selling fast, so if you want one, grab it. It’s available in several colors. Mine is the Dusty Coral, and I’m wearing a medium.

Here’s a top-down selfie I took before leaving our vacation rental in Destin.

travel outfit

Hinge Fatigue Jacket $88 (a great jacket for spring!) | V-neck cashmere sweater $49!!!!!!
skinnies $178 | similar leopard flats $119) | initial pendant $79
my Stella & Dot Crosby Hobo $119

I wore this outfit on Tuesday. I like to mix leopard and stripes because it’s pretty fool-proof for pattern matching. The striped top and orange bag both came in a LeTote, so I linked to similar items below. I have current links for the rest. Well, actually, the leopard flats are a similar pair too — in fact, I like the similar pair better than mine. I have them in nude leather, and they are like slippers. I got these jeans on sale. (I always feel the need to clarify that, lol!) They’re spendy, but really flattering and comfortable.

stripes - 1

similar striped tee $10 (option $10) | black ripped jeans $225 (cheaper $49)
similar leopard flats $119 | initial pendant $76 | similar tassel bag $56 | watch $225

I threw on this jacket when I ran out to do some errands. This is the moto jacket I tried on in the black version when I was Nashville with Cyndi. I got home and discovered that it also comes in this bone color, and I snagged it. I learned through doing my capsule that I adore the black moto jacket that I have, and it’s a great look for me, so I wanted to add a couple more in different colors. The bone is a neutral that will go with SO much in my closet, and it’s a great transition piece for spring.

This jacket is actually faux leather, and it is super soft and comfortable. I prefer real leather, but for $145, I thought it was a good purchase. It’s available at both Nordstrom and Shopbop.

stripes - 3

I wore this on Wednesday. Yep, same jeans as the day before. The more I wear them, the more I love them. They’ve broken in and become very comfortable. The grey turtleneck is only available in limited sizes for $49, but it also comes in an assortment of other colors at $78. I absolutely love this sweater. It’s a nice quality fabric, and it is very flattering. It’s long enough to wear with leggings, but it also looks good with skinny jeans.

grey turtleneck

grey tunic $49 (other colors $78) | black ripped jeans $225 (cheaper $49)
similar booties $134 | my Stella & Dot Arabesque Necklace $89 and Rebel Ring $39

On Thursday, I wore my pink J.Crew turtleneck (no longer available) with my Emma skinnies and nude ballet flats. I forgot to get a picture, but you’ve seen it all before!

That was also the day I took pictures of my Trunk Club items, and I posted this picture to Instagram to show off the hooded leather jacket I fell in love with. You will be happy to know, after seeing these pictures, I finally cleaned my mirror! Ha.

hooded leather jacket

hooded leather jacket $298 | grey V-neck tee $85 (cheaper $19)

On Friday, I put on this outfit for an early morning photo shoot. I was dying to try my new green tunic with leggings and riding boots. I posted to Instagram because this sweater is such a good price and such a great transition piece for spring. It will also be nice next fall.

Also, this little bag is just $20. It’s a knockoff of this Chloe bag that is super popular right now. For everyone who was shocked by the prices in my Trunk Club box, check out the price on this puppy.

RIGHT!?! You can see why I ordered the knockoff from SheIn. It’s not the quality that I generally carry, but for the price, I thought it would be cute sometimes.

The jewelry is all from my Stella & Dot boutique. I’m a Stella & Dot independent stylist, so if you ever want any help with anything, just let me know!!

green tunic

Dolman Sleeve Tunic $39 | favorite leggings $36 | Twist Lock Shoulder Bag $20
riding boots $358 | my Stella & Dot Crescent Necklace, Becker Cuff, Alila Chandeliers

I wore this outfit to dinner with the fam last night. This is the black tunic sweater that I showed with leggings and the orange and pink scarf earlier in the week. You can see that it’s just as cute with skinny jeans. It’s on sale for $25, but the black is all gone. I really like the teal blue, though! And it also comes in a mustard color that would be nice on the right complexion. I added a tassel necklace (linking to a similar one below) and I carried the orange tassel bag for a pop of color. I also added my orange leather wrap bracelet to the stack of Alex and Ani bangles since it’s almost a perfect match to the orange bag. I never get tired of wearing black and denim because there are endless ways to accessorize it!

black and denim

split hem tunic $25 | Emma skinnies $178 | OTK boots $118 | similar tassel necklace $80
similar orange bag $56 | Alex and Ani bangles | wrap bracelet (old; available colors here)

And that’s a wrap!! I have one more week of the capsule wardrobe, and then I can start integrating some of my new pieces into my daily wardrobe. I honestly am not getting tired of wearing my capsule pieces, but I do feel like my Instagram and blog posts are getting repetitive and maybe a bit boring for some of you??? You’ll have to let me know.

I’m going to try to convince Cyndi to start our spring series on March 1st. Even though it’s likely to still be quite cold and drab here in Philly, it seems to make the most sense for the rest of the watching world. And even if it IS cold here in March, I’m going to have some major spring fever going on, so putting together spring outfits will be fun even if I can’t wear them yet.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

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29 thoughts on “Instagram Roundup & Capsule Wardrobe Week 3

  1. You’ve been styling white sneakers with skinny jeans, what brand are they and are they really comfortable?

  2. $1850 for a purse?! Seriously?! I guess I lead a sheltered life! I didn’t even know you could buy one at that price. I judge no one but can’t help but think how many hungry children that would feed or several other good things that could be done with that much money. I’ve worked hard for 38 years but can’t imagine having the money to spend like that or choosing to do so. Glad you found the cute knock-off!

    1. I don’t get it either! I guess purses are not important to me and not my thing. I typically buy one Vera Bradley purse and use the same one for 2-4 years and then buy a new one. And I usually pay about $80 which seems like a lot to me for a purse. I never change out my purse daily. It is the same one everyday. No time to switch out my stuff inside the purse!!!

      1. I totally agree!! I have a hard time with all this expensive stuff. When I followed the link to the purse it showed another one in the side bar that $1990!!! Rediculous!! I agree–do some good in the world with that money!

        1. I can’t wrap my head around it either, but I am also reminded that some people feel that way when they see what I spend on jeans, for example. When it comes to matters of money, it’s all relative, and it’s really not our business how people spend their money. We don’t know how much they spend doing good in the world. Maybe quite a lot. Shopping and doing good aren’t mutually exclusive. 😉

    2. If you think that is expensive…the Hermes Birkin Bag (my dream bag) is roughly $17-20,000! And there is usually a wait list to get it.
      I think we all have things we are willing to splurge on. The last 4-5 years I have realized I have to get good quality shoes. My feet and back just cannot take it. I need the comfort and they last longer. I’ll also splurge on a certain item if I love it!

  3. Ordered the sweater in coral, thanks for the heads up. I recently purchased two of the Halogen ones from Nordstrom and love them, so I am interested to compare the two. I love my Sam Edelman flats, both leopard and my newly purchased black ones. However, I did find that the leopard version runs a half size smaller than the leather version. I too love my Chelsea sweater, but purchased in Ivory. Waiting for the other colors to go on sale!

    1. Yes, let me know what you think! I find the Halogen ones are thinner, and they start to pill much faster. I still like them, and when they go on sale, I think they’re a decent value, but the Ann Taylor ones last much longer. 🙂 Glad you love your Chelsea sweater. The ivory is so pretty. And good to know about those leopard flats!!!

      1. Have you ever had any luck with the Sweater Stone that Nordstrom recommends for pilling with the cashmere sweaters? I bought one based on their recommendation, but haven’t tried it yet since my sweaters are still new.

        As always, thanks for the great ideas!

  4. Love that you are doing the capsule wardrobe, albeit only for a month….I did the closet purge…. have been learning a lot about my personal style and how to build a wardrobe. I have enjoyed your capsule Instagram recaps for many reasons, it has inspired me to mix/match more w my own clothes and is actually helping me round out my wardrobe….while I have tried not to spend spend spend… All the ideas are so hard to resist….lol! But at least my purchases are w purpose now and not just random one off pieces that don’t really go w anything, which left me feeling like I “had nothing” to wear.. The biggest change? My bottoms…. Used to be black yoga pants, now I actually have skinny jeans, black jeans, bootcut jeans, leggings and skinny camo pants…just got a pair of cream colored skinnies and gonna add olive and white jeans in spring! I love this new creative space! Fashion is fun :)!!

  5. I am loving your capsule wardrobe! I have all the basics and am finding that I prefer a smaller wardrobe. Thank you for showing me different ways to wear them and looking put together. My favorite go-to black tunic top is actually the Athleta Studio CYA Sweatshirt. It is crazy soft and a great winter weight. Because of you I have paired it with my denim/grey/white skinnies for 3 totally different looks and stayed warm doing it! I buy all my jeans from WHBM. My go-to Spring looks are from Prana this year: Kara Marigold denim skirt, Shayla dress in black, Lizbeth capri in Olive (weird pleats that looks amazing on) and the Reanne denim dress. I think they will be good transition pieces too and I can’t wait to wear the denim dress as a vest/topper! Enjoy this last week and happy spring shopping.

    1. That’s awesome, Meredith!! I’m so glad you’re enjoying a smaller wardrobe. I am definitely going to try to keep mine pared down, even as I move out of using the capsule exclusively. I have decided I like having 4 wardrobes (fall, winter, spring, summer) rather than just 2.

  6. One thing I’ve observed about your capsule is what you’re NOT wearing, such as your chestnut boots and other booties, as well as the red sweaters. It’s the same with my capsule original choices: I haven’t worn several pieces and it may be time to rid myself of these. I also have favorites that I could wear everyday! Of course the weather plays a huge part in daily choices. We’ve had a mild, extremely wet winter (ugh) and I can’t wear heavy sweaters or layers. I’m super excited to stick with the capsule concept thru the year, as it’s made getting dressed in the morning a no brainer! I’ve really enjoyed seeing how you put together outfits using your capsule that I never thought of even though I have similar pieces. I look forward to your blog every single day , not to see all the new crazy trends, but to see what real women are wearing. Because of you, I’ve purchased quality items such as my awesome Frye boots, AG jeans and MK handbag. I’ve also found killer sales prices from your recommendations and alerts. Thanks to you, I’m a very hip Grammie!!

    1. That’s a really good point. I’ve noticed things too that I don’t want to wear and contemplated why. I think the weather is the culprit for much of it. Like that chambray shirt. Every time I look at it, I shiver a little bit. It’s too cold for that. And even my two quilted vests seem more suitable to fall than winter. I don’t want to put a coat over them. But if it’s mild enough to run around outside in just a turtleneck and vest, I’m going to take the opportunity to wear one of my lighter pieces, and maybe the moto jacket over it. I generally save the turtlenecks for the coldest days when the vests aren’t enough coverage. As far as the boots… they just aren’t practical. I am mostly at home, or I’m running out to lunch with someone. I try to put on heels when I do that, but I find I often want to combine that outing with a few errands, so I’m back to flats. It’s definitely eye opening. 🙂

  7. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    These all look great! I was wondering if you could show other ways to style the fatigue jacket (I bought it). Can that be worn with white jeans? Also, what other kinds of shirts would look good with it? Thanks so much for all the great ideas. I’m slowly building my wardrobe back up.

    1. Definitely! I think I’ll be wearing it a lot this spring. It would look awesome with white jeans, and I’d wear it over just about any shirt. It’s more of a jacket than an outfit piece.

  8. So yesterday I kind gave you a hard time about that green tunic sweater. I hope I wasn’t too harsh–that wasn’t my heart. Anyway, you mentioned that it works with leggings and I TOTALLY AGREE!!! The outfit with the green sweater, leggings and riding boots looked really good! I’ve had a sweater (shorter one) for a few weeks that I’ve been waiting to wear and I think tomorrow it the day. I will wear it with black skinny pants but I’m not sure about the boots. My riding boots are more cognac so I’m not sure it I’ll go with those or black.

    But anyway–just wanted to tell you that I like the green sweater now! 🙂

    1. I can. It’s been a while since I did one. I actually don’t try a lot of products. I tend to find stuff I like and then stick with it for a long time. But I’ve been wanting to do a post on my makeup routine. In fact, I’m doing little Periscope videos about each part of that process. Then I thought I’d do one big blog post wrap up. 🙂

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