It Just Goes Too Fast!

mommy and becca - 1

I just finished rocking my baby to sleep, perhaps my most favorite thing to do in the whole world.  As she slept in my arms, I sat and gazed at her sweet 8-month-old baby face, trying to memorize every inch because I know that my memory will fade so soon.

Every time I sit and rock her, I try to summon the words to describe the overwhelming feelings that I have for her and for the precious times like these that are gone all too quickly, but adequate words just don’t come.

I want to cling to each moment of her babyhood. I desperately try to keep each stage from passing so fast, but time just keeps marching on.

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2 thoughts on “It Just Goes Too Fast!

  1. It does go quickly and suddenly they seem so big.What a sweet picture of Rebecca though.

  2. That was Rebecca sleeping on daddy’s lap. He loves to rock her to sleep too. 🙂

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