It’s All About PINK!

Several unrelated conversations, compliments of C, who else?

Setting:  In the car, driving past a used car lot.

C: MOM!  LOOK!  A PINK CAR!!!  I didn’t know they made PINK! CARS!

Me: Well, they don’t make many of them.

C:  Mommy, I want a pink car!  Can we have a pink car?"

Me: Doubtful.

C:  It’s not FAIR that they can have a pink car and we can’t.

Me:  Well, we can’t have everything we want.


Setting:  Our family room, one afternoon.

C:  Where’s Daddy?

Me:  He’s out getting a new TV.

C:  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Is it PINK!?


Setting:  In the car, driving home from the mall.

C:  I want a pink house.

Me:  Oh, really.

C:  Mom, do they make pink houses?

Me:  Not too many.

C:  When our house gets old, can we go to a pink one?

Me:  When you’re a grown-up woman, you can paint your house any color you want, as long as you can convince your husband to live in a pink house.  But good luck with that.