It’s Orange, Alright!

Good Saturday morning to you all!  It is GORGEOUS here in Philly.  It was worth the wait.  FINALLY spring seems to have arrived.  Of course, in true north east fashion, it has gone from the 50s to the 80s overnight.  As much as I would have loved a few weeks of 60s and 70s, I will take the 80s in all its glory!  My windows are open and it’s not even 8am.  The birds are chirping.  It’s wonderful.

Now back to the task at hand — the laundry room!  I loved all of your suggestions on my last post.  I wish I had more time to consider all of the advice and make a well-thought-out plan, but the new washer and dryer arrive today, and we had to paint last night.  So I ran back out to the paint store and made another 15-minute paint choice.

At first I had in mind more of a melon shade of orange.  Then when I got there, I looked through a couple of pamphlets and decided that it may be nice to choose something in the terra cotta family, make it more of a southwest feel in there.  Then I pulled a swatch that was kind of coral and thought, hey, it’s my laundry room.  Maybe having some pinkish undertones would be fun!  But in fear of it turning out too pink, or too light, in the end I went for more of a red-orange.  It’s bold.  I don’t love it yet, but I don’t hate it.  And my friends, that’s quite a feat in my world.  I have lost count of the number of rejected paint colors I’ve purchased over the years.

As for the walls, I went with those who suggested painting the back and right wall orange.

It’s very dark in there right now.  We definitely need a better light.  But I also think having the white appliances (and someday, HOPEFULLY, cabinets) will brighten it up a lot.

So now I wait!  My appliances arrive sometime mid-day.  After that I will definitely be getting a new light and colorful rug for the floor (thanks for all those fabulous suggestions!)  And I’ll be waiting anxiously for when we can finish up the room with cabinets and a counter.  That’s a whole other world of choices, of course.

A photo?  You want a photo?  Really, I don’t think you can tell much at this point.  I will snap a few pictures after the appliances arrive, though.

I’m still open to decorating suggestions (love the one about using kids’ artwork in there) and ways to make it more user friendly.  It’s a fairly small space, and the front loaders will be making the open space even smaller.  So keep the ideas flowing!

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  1. I love the kids artwork idea too. We turned our playroom into a a “gallery” of sorts. Here’s a tip for ya: Hang curtain rods on the wall and use drapery rings/clips to hang pictures from. Sounds weird but it’s a great way to showcase all kinds of art. You can easily switch out the pieces and it looks great. We get so many compliments on that look in the playroom. I can email you pictures if you want…

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