It’s Saturday Night And I Ain’t Got Nobody…

Okay, so the only part of that title that’s true is the Saturday night part, but I couldn’t resist.

I keep seeing all those tweets by the #magicalmoms and even though I’ve already been to a Disney Mom Blogger Mixer, I still get a little twinge of jealousy every time I think of how much fun they’re having down there.  Perhaps I should just turn off Twitter until they get home.  But I won’t because I’m a glutton for punishment.

So last night my husband and I decided to have a date night at Ikea because if you can’t be at Disney World, Ikea’s the next best thing.  And then we thought we’d make it even more enjoyable by dragging all three kids along with us.  Because really, WHAT is more romantic than walking the Yellow Cement Road with three sullen kids looking for cheap organizational solutions for the laundry room?  I know what you’re thinking, and no, you can not trade places with me.

On the way we decided to stop at a local restaurant for dinner because Ikea is quite a drive and we thought our romantic night out deserved better than Ikea fare.  Unfortunately my soggy tilapia probably wasn’t much of an improvement over what I might have had at the Ikea cafeteria, although I hardly ate any of it between trips to the ladies’ room with my daughter.  What is it about the bathroom that is so enticing to a 3-year-old?  When I told her to hurry up, that I didn’t want to spend my entire dinner in there, she responded with a curious, “Why not?”  As if to say, “I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want to prolong this experience as long as possible?”

Finally we made it to the Swedish superstore, and after perusing every last organizational innovation with 3 bickering children and a wayward yellow cart (and yet another tour of the bathroom), we ended up purchasing the first thing we had seen upon entering the building two hours earlier — a white bookcase from the EXPEDIT series that we plan to mount on the wall.  The idea is that the orange walls will show from behind, although once I fill it with the junk that I ordinarily stash in the laundry room, I know I’ll be wishing we’d opted for those cabinets that I longingly caressed as we perused the kitchen section.  I just find it hard to justify spending $250 when something that costs $75 will do the trick.

Of course we had to stop for dollar ice creams on the way out, and then somehow we managed to heave-ho the 90-pound box into the minivan and slide it in-between the seats for the ride home.

Tonight we tried to top our enjoyment of last night, and I took the girls to my son’s baseball game.  It’s the first of his games this season I was able to attend, and I was reminded why I have been putting it off.  To the poor people sharing the bleachers with us, you have my utmost sympathy.  My nerves will never be the same again.

I did manage to see my son make a good hit that landed him on first, and I got a precious little wave out of him once he was safe on base.  I wonder how long it will be until he’s too cool to wave at his mama on the sidelines.  From there he stole second and then ran home when a team mate made a solid hit.

That and a few good plays when he was playing first base was all I got to see before I scooped up my grubby girls and took them home.  My 3-year-old was asleep before we were out of the parking lot, which explains her contrary behavior.  If I’m going to make it to any more games, we are going to have to reinstitute naptime — at least on game days.

So here I sit, another weekend half over, kids in their beds, and my pals on the Food Network calling my name.  That’s my kinda Saturday night.