Christmas Tour of Homes

Welcome to the Christmas Tour of Homes!

BooMama has requested the following:

1) pictures of your tree
2) pictures of a particular collection that you  love
3) pictures of your favorite nativity scene
4) pictures of your front  door and
5) pictures of your outside decorations if you’d like to share  them
6) favorite quick and easy holiday recipe along with the  pictures

So here goes! Hopefully it’s okay if I deviate slightly from the order listed above.

Welcome to our home, all decorated for Christmas! 

our home decorated for christmas

Here is our tree, conveniently located in the living room this year, far away from chubby little inquisitive toddler hands. As I shared in a previous post, many of our ornaments were handmade by Hubby’s dad. In fact, this is his 30th year making ornaments! Someday I hope to have a glamorous tree, all trimmed with fancy ribbon and sophisticated coordinating ornaments. But for now, we have a children’s tree with lots of colorful wooden ornaments that all have special meaning. All it’s lacking is the cranberry garland I usually drape around it, but we got a ginormous tree this year, and I didn’t have  enough so we left it off altogether.

christmas tree 2006 - 1

This is my favorite collection, my  Christmas in the City village.

christmas village - 1

Let’s see, what else? Oh, yes, the nativity. I don’t have a decorative nativity set. Hubby’s mom actually collects nativities, and I just figure she has enough for the whole family.

But I do have this little toy nativity, where the figures are actually finger puppets. And they all store in the stable, that velcros shut. Very cute, and the kids love to pretend the Christmas story with this toy. It looks like we’re missing Mary and Joseph, though. Hmmm.


Finally, a recipe and a picture. This Peanut Butter Balls recipe is by far and away my favorite holiday recipe.

peanut butter balls

After all, I do have quite a weekend ahead of me! If you’re in the area, be  sure to stop on by around 10:30 on Saturday morning for some brunchy-yummies!

Take care, and have a Merry Christmas!!!

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24 thoughts on “Christmas Tour of Homes

  1. Oh I love your decorations. I have the same stockings. Did you get yours at Pottery Barn?Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  2. I love the stockings, too cute! I really must go decorate now – all we’ve gotten decorated around here is the Christmas tree, yipes!

  3. Beautiful decorations and beautiful home. Thanks so much for the tour and the peanut butter ball recipe:) Have a blessed Christmas!

  4. How wonderful that your father in law makes ornaments! The mantle your husband made is lovely. My husband did ours this year too!Merry Christmas!

  5. your home is so lovely. The outside and inside. I just love peanut butter balls. My grandmother always made them. Merry Christmas and thank you for the tour.

  6. Ohhh, peanut butter balls. I may be here a while! This tour is making me hungry. And I LOVE the garlands on yoru porch area. They look beautiful!

  7. I love me some peanut butter balls. I made some just like those last year and gave them away as gifts. My mom’s recipe, she got from somewhere!

  8. Your house looks lovely!!!I’m seeing so many blogs I’ve never visited! Stop by my place too, if you have time. Merry Christmas!!Mary, mom to many

  9. Everything’s so pretty inside, but I just adore the outside decorations, especially the wreath over the garage! And oh, those peanut butter balls are making my mouth water. Good thing I’m not there touring the place in person. That whole plateful might disappear. ;)Merry Christmas!

  10. I LOVE the outside of your home and that big wreath, just beautiful! Your village looks wonderful and I’m so impressed your hubby did the mantle…nice job. The chocolate looks awesome!Thanks for the fun tour.

  11. Wow, what a beautiful home. I love all the real garland. My favorite is the Christmas village. It looks amazing!

  12. The sled is cute but the face is cuter 🙂 I like the interactive nativity, too.Thanks for sharing!! Merry Christmas.

  13. What a beautiful home you have! Both inside and out!(And yes…Love the mantle!) :)Great to “meet” you!Blessings,~Tammy

  14. Oh, I just love your front porch with all the garland and bows! Your home is beautiful! Thank you for the tour and yummy snack! Merry Christmas!Kelli

  15. What a lovely home! I love all the garlands out front, and that sled is adorable. That mantle looks wonderful. And those peanut butter balls look scrumptious! Thanks so much for having us over!

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