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This giveaway is now closed. The winning numbers are 68 and 44!  (I love me some numbered comments on WordPress!)  So Nap Warden gets the Lisa Leonard teenie tiny initials necklace.  And Kimba @ A Soft Place to Land gets the button bracelet from Amy Peters Studio!  Congratulations, ladies!  And if you didn’t win, now you have somewhere to send your hubby for Christmas shopping!

Mega thanks to Lisa Leonard and Amy Peters for sponsoring this generous giveaway!

Today I have two, yes TWO pieces of jewelry to give away. It’s getting close to Christmas, and these would both make lovely gifts for a woman in your life. (Or send your hubby the link to this page and maybe he’ll win one for YOU!)

First I want to introduce you to Lisa Leonard Designs. Lisa is a self-taught jewelry maker specializing in sterling silver pieces that are stamped with inspirational words or personalized names and initials.

For this giveaway, she is offering her highly popular necklace called “teenie tiny initials”.  In this adorable piece, sterling pea-size initials are strung with a freshwater pearl. Isn’t that just too cute for words?

The second designer sponsoring today’s giveaway is Amy Peters Studio.  Amy specializes in inscribed inspirational jewelry.  She sent me one of her button bangles that says “You Are Loved Beyond Measure”.  I just love that, simple and beautiful.

And this week she is offering one of her button bangles to one lucky winner.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment and tell me what is on the top of your Christmas list this year.  I will select the winners at random on Friday, and the announcement will be at the top of this post.  GOOD LUCK!

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  1. Top of my holiday list? Time! I’d love if someone could box it up, ribbon optional, and give me the gift of time — more time with my kids, more time to write, even more time to run errands and do laundry. Oh yes, and more time to relax by a fire with a good book. Yep, that would do it! 😉

  2. Top of my list…a new watch! My watch of almost 15 years was lost and I am lost without it. When I’m out, I use my cell phone but at home that isn’t as convenient!

    Love both pieces of jewelry…so pretty!

  3. I want a blender. The Kitchen-Aid blender we got for our wedding died this summer and Honey is trying to hold out and find replacement parts. I just want to be able to make smoothies and puree things again.

  4. Top of my list is a Nintendo DS. I’m dying to play the Brain Age games, plus there are these new games called Zenses that combine puzzle games that educate your brain with soothing ocean scenes. I want to play those too! Both those pieces of jewelry are beautiful 🙂

  5. I’ll be sappy and wish for more time with family this year. The kids are growing up so quickly. If i have to wish for a beautiful shiny thing, then that would be some jewelry. A girl can’t be complete without a few baubles.

  6. Top of my Christmas list? hm…I’d really like someone to pay off my debt. But barring that, I’d really like to foster a rescue dog or two. I’m not sure that I can afford it financially, but I have plenty of room and love to give. So, I’d like a Christmas puppy.

  7. I am looking forward to watching my son experience Christmas this year. He is 3, and this year will be magical for him. I honestly pretty much have anything I could want. I am a lucky lady!

  8. ohhhhh.. for Christmas I want a Mac Book. Yep. That is what I want.. cross your fingers.. lol.. (and that braclet is adorable!!)

  9. At the top of my list? I want my Citi Card paid off. And a tennis bracelet. Barring those two things happening, I really want some new jeans.

  10. That jewlery is gorgeous!

    I’m jonesin’ for a bunch of gift cards… I need new post-baby back-to-work clothes, and I can’t afford a whole new wardrobe right now!

  11. Hmmm… the top of MY list for ME? I have no idea! There is so much stuff out there that I would love to have. Lisa Leonard jewelry is near the top! I love her stuff. I also want the DVD “PS, I love you”. Hubby and I loved the movie! Oh, and a massage! That’s probably the TOP!

  12. My top gift this year would be six hours of uninterrupted sleep. I have a three week old and a two year old. Counting pregnancy, I don’t think I’ve had that much sleep at one time in three years! Think Santa would do that for me?
    Love the jewelry! Count me in!

  13. Hm….I haven’t really thought about what I would want…I would love a new purse, though. Something roomy, but not too big.

    Love the jewelry–it’s gorgeous!!

  14. Thanks for the chance to win. Both pieces are beautiful!

    On the top of my Christmas list? I would love a whole day with my husband and kiddos where nothing had to be done and no one had to go anywhere! That would be the greatest thing ever!

  15. Top of my list this holiday season? A part-time job. Gotta pay those bills. Also, time with my brother and his family, which won’t happen because they’re in Okinawa.

    Both of those jewelry pieces are beautiful–you always have the best giveaways!

  16. what i’d really love? a day or 2 away at a spa with my girlfriends! not gonna happen. so i’m hoping for a nintendo ds 🙂

  17. I’m not really sure why I’m entering this, because I haven’t won any of the other fabulous giveaways you’ve hosted. Nevertheless here I am trying again, hoping I win that most gorgeous necklace. Top of my Christmas list is staring new traditions with my children. Wish me Luck!

  18. The top of my Christmas list…It is a long top.

    My sister in law was just diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. She starts chemo on 12/4. Normally my brother in law, 2 nephews (one in college and the other Sophomore in High School) and sister in law come to our house for Christmas Eve, spend the night and stay late on Christmas Day. It is a great time!! My kid’s (6 year old and a 3 year old) LOVE their older cousins spending the night and being here. It is such a treat to watch them interact. I am also a little selfish because I get to enjoy the time. It is such a load off of me because 1) Christmas with family and 2) Kid’s have a marvelous, special Christmas. I actually get a couple of time outs during the day to sit and soak in the Christmas spirit. I want that to happen again this year. I want her to feel good and enjoy Christmas too. If they end up not making it this year we all will be at a loss. It is so much fun when they are around.

    I really need a laptop…

  19. The top of my list…a new ipod. Mine is slowly biting the bullet, and it is an old model anyway. Dropping hints to the hubby just might work on this one!

    These are gorgeous! Love them both.

  20. Topping my list is making this a magical Christmas for my 4-year-old son. He’s at such a ripe age to enjoy it.

  21. Top of my feel-good list — an end to the worldwide financial crisis.

    Top of my selfish list — a new iPod. Mine died and workouts are not nearly as much fun as they used to be!

    Thanks for the chance to enter – I love both pieces.

  22. At the top of my list is world peace and happiness for everyone. But also I’d really like some new cardigans. I know I totally sound like Mr. Rogers right now, but it is cold here and I need me some cardigans.

  23. At the top of my list is a new big house. But I’ll settle for time with my family and one of these cute pieces of jewelry.

  24. Sounds sort of silly, but I really want a new ring sling for my “Baby-To-Be”. I wore my two and a half year old a lot and I know it’s going to be necessary to wear our baby that’s due in June. How else will I get all the important stuff done? I have a pouch sling and a Baby Bjorn, but I want to add a new ring sling t my wardrobe.

  25. Top of my list…

    Seriously, if I could have anything? I’d have one of those Christmases like you see in the movies…the soft glow of the lights, the quiet family dinner with all of the smiling faces gathered ’round, the happy children, peacefully slumbering in their beds, clinging to their new toys. And a glass of wine with my husband. But let’s get real…that isn’t going to happen. We might get SOME of it, but it’ll never be all roses.

    I’d really like a fancy camera. But that isn’t going to happen, either! So for a gift that is realistic, I’d like a new book or two.

  26. Well, having loved her work for sometime and just stumbling upon your blog today, I have to say that more of both top my list!!!

    Enjoy the day and let the Son shine,

  27. If I was getting presents, here is what I would be asking for, or at least the top three (like I could choose just one). Personalized stationery, a unique apron, and a large sum gift card to Williams-Sonoma. Love the jewelry–I really hope I win.

  28. Sleep…sound sleep, with no interruptions! Being a pregnant wife and mother to a (almost) 5 year old, I don’t get nearly enough of it! Happy Holidays!

  29. For Christmas, I wish for a healthy baby boy 🙂 Even though he’s not due til Feb. 1st, that is my wish.

    Beautifully crafted jewelry! 🙂 Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  30. My husband and I don’t exchange gifts but if we did, I would ask for a new watch and an iPod. The clasp on my old watch broke about 2 months ago and I sitll haven’t replaced it and I’ve never owned an iPod (sad but true).

  31. At the top of my Christmas list is new tupperware. See…I really do need to win the jewelry so I don’t sound so pathetic when I have to tell people what I got for Christmas.

  32. At the top of my wishlist is a gleaming, beautiful, new MacBook!!!

    That or just to see my kids glowing faces enjoying the holidays!

  33. At the very top of my list: to be perfectly healthy. Since that won’t happen then it would be to be pain free for at least 3 consecutive days. Maybe that won’t happen so then all I want for Christmas is to have time with friends and family that I love.

    The jewelry is beautiful. You always have the greatest giveaways.

  34. Aside from the usual – time with family and a wonderful experience for my kids, I would have to say that on the very top of my list would be a sexy, sleek Chili Pepper Red Saturn Sky. On a more realistic note, I would love a new fossil watch because I left mine in the cup holder of the treadmill at the Y and some sorry sap found it and kept it.

    That jewelry is beautiful by the way.

  35. My top wish for the holidays this year is to find a way to see all of our spread out family. As for a gift, I need a Wii fit to help lose this baby weight once I have the baby in April.

  36. I love lisa leonard jewelry. But top of my list is a kitchenaid stand mixer (its been there for many years 🙂

  37. The top of my list is a night out with my husband we have never had a night out alone since we were married!!! darn kids!!! I love the teenie initial neclace very cute….and btw please visit my blog I gave you an award!!!!!!

  38. At the top of my list is for my mom to come spend Christmas with her Grandchildren….and for Marty to bring me Delorean time machine, because – how in the world did my babies become a 5 year old and an eight year old???

  39. Top of my list is jewelry. How perfect is this give away? I never used to wear much jewelry, but I went to a women’s conference at my church and learned “what not to wear.” She stressed the importance of the accessories. Now I am slowly learning how. These pieces would be perfect.

    Oh, and time with family and friends, world peace…all that too. 🙂

  40. For a long time, I was dying for Kindle. After doing a lot of research on it, I’m not sure.
    Right now I would really love a NAP or a chance to sleep in! We’re visiting my in-laws for Christmas, so maybe there is a chance……..
    (Expecting baby #2 in April)

  41. At the top of my Christmas list this year is a Wii. Either of these pieces of jewelry would be a wonderful gift though too!

  42. What I want this Christmas has no money value, it is for my son to recover from the hospital and come home with both his legs, and for all my family members to be well. My son had surgery this weekend to remove blood clots.

  43. I love the Visa Gift Cards!!! I told my family how much fun it is to buy stuff off the internet and they purchased one for me for my birthday. It lasted about a week ,and i am ready for my internet shopping spree again this year:)

  44. You always have the best jewelry giveaways! On top of my Christmas list is having my family safe and sound to enjoy the holidays together. Of course my big wish is that I find out if I passed my National Boards really soon!!

  45. I already got my Christmas present. I had a second child and left the work force for one year and since we are living of my husbands salary and savings I am not wanting anything this year!

  46. On the top of my list would be the new Twilight book… and a wonderful, peaceful christmas with my family… the giveaway is great!!!

  47. Top of my list is some bead board around the eating area and tile on the backsplash in the kitchen! Do you think that will happen?

  48. Hey Girl…site looks Fab! Would you believe I have no idea what I want for Christmas? I am so not a Christmas person. Seriously, I have always been way better at giving presents than picking them:P

  49. Oh what beautiful jewelery!! Please add my name to your giveaway:-) On top of my Christmas list…a new digital camera!! xo

  50. hmmm…..my birthday is two weeks before Christmas so have a birthday list to think of as well! And I haven’ begun to think about either. I am a much better giver than than receiver….
    Lovely giveaways as always!! (I esp like the necklace!)

  51. Since both of our cameras are giving me fits right now that would be my number one gift! However, money probabley won’t allow that, so I’ll take whatever I get!

  52. We’re going skiing for Spring Break in 2009 so that is our Christmas to each other and the kids this year. There won’t be many gifts under the tree, but we will certainly enjoy looking forward to our trip and spending time with each other while we’re there!

    Love the gift guide!

  53. This year I would liek to receive a bike carrying rack for my van, so I can tote all the bikes to the trail and do some family outings!
    Thanks for the great giveaway, looking forward to reading your gift guide….just haven’t had a chance yet!

  54. This year I’m asking for a new camera. I actually ordered it this past week! It’s b’day & Christmas combined. I would love Photoshop to go with it!

  55. At the top of my list is a new bed. I want a sleigh bed. These are prettyy and could be given to a lot of ladies in my family. My maw for certain!

  56. I want a new car for Christmas… not going to happen but I might get the new winter coat I’ve been eyeing…

  57. As of December 31st my current job is finished. All I want is another job similar to what I’m doing. It’ll be hard to find a job, that your boss gives you 3 months off in the summer to go fishing! That’s right, fishing for 3 months! Other than that, I need a new Winter coat with matching scarf.

    Thanks for being so generous! We need more people like you in this world!

  58. I would love some more perfume. Lollia (Breathe) is my fav, but it is hard to get where I live, so I have to order it, and well then it is no fun. So more perfume please!!
    Thanks for the great giveaways!

  59. Top of my list: less stress and more calm and peace not just in my life, but the world itself.

    This jewelry is absolutely adorable. I’ve been wanting a bracelet for awhile, and these are perfect!

  60. wow, reading down the list of comments is giving me plenty of ideas……but i really need a new pair of sneakers………..and i want a cute pair, not plain white.

  61. Believe it or not, I was going to ask for one of Lisa Leonard’s necklaces for Christmas this year. I don’t know what my husband has in mind.

    These are great giveaways. The second is a new designer to me but I’ll check it out.

  62. hey you….top of my list is a weekend away with my husband. I love the necklace really cute. AND my goodness that holiday gift guide is awesome great job. Someday I would like to see what my butt looks like in a pair of Joe’s.

  63. At the top of my list are two things…. I really want a red peacoat and new Vera Wang Princess perfume. and maybe a new pair of sevens or joes.

  64. Top of my list…some really cute new flats. and really cute maternity clothes that don’t look like maternity clothes. Do they make such a thing? 🙂 Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  65. I want peace within my family. We’ve hit some really hard times and it hasn’t been easy. I pray we can all be together.

  66. I didn’t think I really wanted an ipod until my husband got one and now it is definitely at the top of my list!

  67. I would love to find everyone just the right something. My 14-year-old son is getting harder to buy for.

    I would love to have a necklace or bracelet….

    or my friend Victoria write me a song someday!

  68. New to your blog and first discovered when Tina (Beadin Beagle) posted you on her page…her husband and I were highschool classmates…..thank you for the invite!

    Topping my list would be savoring the Savior. We are experiencing a time like no other and I can’t help but reflect on the Old Testament and all the turmoil they endured and yet blessings flowed from our creator, whether we deserved it or not. He just wanted us to remain faithful. So being faithful to the one who was born & died to cover my sin and creating another Christmas memory with my children and husband with traditions we call our own.

  69. A digital camera. I want the kind that will take instant pictures – snap snap snap. I _HATE_ the digital camera we have that we got 7 years ago that was so “high tech” back then. It waits a bazillion seconds before taking the picture so that the perfect pose is now being replaced with the back of someone’s head or whatever. (ahem . .. sorry for going on and on . .. i have strong feelings about this.) 🙂

    Count me in! 🙂

  70. Thanks for the giveaway and the opportunity to enter :o)

    I guess the top of my Christmas list is for all my family to be together with good health, great food and an opportunity to give thanks to our Savior as we remember his birth. That would be a perfect Christmas Day…

  71. Ok, I must admit……it’s JEWELRY every.single.year……at the tippy top of my list!!! 😀 Yess……love it, count me in, thanks so much!!!! 🙂

  72. this year i am determined not to get in debt. if i can’t afford to pay cash, i don’t buy it. my wish for myself is a leather jacket, and i have my eye on a few on ebay!

  73. I don’t want anything for Christmas. I have it all already. My Savior, Jesus Christ, my family and friends, and of course, the internet : )

  74. Top of my christmas list this year is for DH to still have a job when the hoilday season is over.. and to see joy in my childrens eyes on christmas

  75. me, me, me!

    Not to sound as great as I am or anything, our THING this year is sponsoring a child. Now the trick will be trying to get our kids to think this is a good idea. lol


  76. I am so wanting an iMac this year. But I don’t think I’ll get it since hubs isn’t here to get it for me.

  77. I am absolutely thrilled with the holiday season coming up – the spirit of Christmas is a gift in itself!! Good food, family, holiday decor … love it all!!
    Thanks for this great giveaway!! Gosh – I would be so excited to win!!! :o)

  78. would love to win one of these pieces of jewelry… wanted to get a new lense for my nikon… great giveaway

  79. Santa does not visit me anymore…darn old man…I want a to purchase for myself a set of artist colored pencils…Love the blog candy!!!

  80. A sewing machine… I have yet to learn how to sew (collective gasp, I know) and so I wish to teach myself. But I would take one of these pieces of jewelry in a heart beat…If it’s not to let to be entered…Thanks!

  81. Ooooooh…I’m hoping I’m not too late. 🙂 I’ve seen her jewelry highlighted on a few blogs and I have to say that I love the simple elegance of her design.

    So…what do I want for Christmas? Well, I’d really love a digital camera but today my husband had to purchase new tires for our Jeep so who knows. Second on my list – coffee maker (new!)

  82. I would absolutely love an entire day at a spa!! I know it’s not something I can hold in my hand, but it would definitely stay with me for a while!

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