June Favorites 2018

Happy Saturday, friends! Can you all believe we are already halfway through the month of June!?! That seems crazy to me.


Before we jump into my June Favorites, I want to try one more time to fix this email situation.

I am still getting emails and comments from people who are subscribed to my daily or weekly newsletters and even did the new opt-in step for the GDPR, and still aren’t getting my emails. I cannot explain how frustrating this is, and I don’t even want to think about how much time I’ve spent trying to figure out the issue with MailChimp, my email newsletter provider.

I have updated my sign-up form, and checking the opt-in box is required to sign up or for an existing subscriber to update her preferences, so that should help eliminate any user error that may be happening, but I don’t think it’s all user error. My husband tested it and it didn’t work for him either. There are almost 4000 people who got it to work, so I can’t figure out why some are having trouble and others aren’t, but here’s what to do if you’re one of the ones caught in the middle.

  1. Go to any of my old blog emails you may have received. (HINT: I sent today’s email to my whole list, not just to the GDPR approved list, hoping to lasso the last of the stragglers who want to continue receiving my newsletters, so if you don’t see it, check your spam.)
  2. Scroll alllll the way to the bottom to that black footer area, and click the link to “update your preferences.”
  3. Make sure the newsletters you want to receive are checked (daily or weekly.)
  4. ALSO check the box under Marketing Permissions that says, “Yes, I want to receive your emails!”
  5. Then click UPDATE PROFILE at the very bottom.

If you do that, and you still DO NOT get tomorrow’s email, email me at [email protected] and ask me to manually opt you in to continue getting my emails. I can do this on the back-end, but I have to have your permission. I’m saving all those requests in a gmail folder so if there is ever an issue down the road, I have proof that I’m only emailing people who have opted in. I know. #crazytown

And if you’ve done all the opting in already and it didn’t work, and you just want to email me without going thru the steps again, that’s fine too. I am honored that so many of you have tried to hard to remain on my list, and I’m more than happy to go in and manually check off that ding-dang box for you.

Okay. Moving on! Today I’ve got my June Favorites for you.

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine

My June Favorites

These are some old favorites and new finds that I’m particularly loving right now.

one // Denim shorts are a summer staple for most of us, and these are my new favorites. I still go for my tried and true AG Haileys a lot, but this Madewell pair is fully stocked, and the fit is really good. Plus the high waist is trending right now so they have more of a current look to them… although I’m not giving up my Haileys anytime soon!

TIP: Become a Madewell Insider (it’s free!) and get free shipping and free returns on all orders, as well as free hemming on their jeans!

two // I’m partnering with Maui Jim as a brand ambassador again this year, and this is my favorite of the styles they sent me to try out. I’ve been wearing them constantly. My 15-year-old daughter approves too — she keeps asking for a pair. Um, no. But if you’re a responsible adult and want to update your sunnies, I HIGHLY recommend trying these. I have the Dove Grey/Neutral Grey combo but they’re all on point.

three // I discovered this nail color at my last visit to salon where I get my nails done, and I love it. It’s called Offbeat, and it’s the perfect combination of pink and red — it goes either way, depending on which hue you’re wearing so it’s fairly versatile even though it’s a bold color. It also comes in Vinylux and Shellac.

four // This maxi dress was low inventory for a while, then it was restocked, but I see it’s getting low again. I hope they keep restocking because it’s such a great casual dress for spring and summer. I’m tempted to get the plain black in addition to the navy and white that I have already.

five // I’ve shared this clutch a few times already. It’s such a fun way to pop a basic summer outfit!

six // This top is really cute and easy to wear. For $39, I’m tempted to buy another! I also love the blue/white stripe, but this red is a gorgeous shade, and I’d think it flatters on almost everyone.

seven // These white distressed cropped jeans are my favorites during the summer months. The cropped length is perfect for this time of year, and I like how the distressing and released hem adds some texture to an outfit and keeps it from being too dressy/fussy. For size reference, I have these in a 30, and I recommend sizing up at least one full size from your regular.

I know, I know… some people hate these jeans. I’ve been told many times. I’m not asking for approval, folks! Just throwing them out there as an option for those who, like me, also enjoy some distressing without the wide-open rips and tears. Feel free to pass on the trend if it’s not for you.

Lucky Brand Tri-Tone Dangle Detail Hoop Drop Earrings

eight // I can’t find a close-up of me wearing these earrings, but I’ve been going for them a lot this summer. They’re big enough to be fun without being overpowering, and the tri-tone metals make them easy to pair with any other metals you may be wearing.

FYI, Nordstrom Rack is having their Clear The Rack event, and there are some amazing markdowns! Shipping is free over $100 so if you’re looking to hit that threshold, you should be able to get a lot for that! I included my top picks in today’s email newsletter.

nine // You’ve seen these sandals plenty this spring, but I had to include them in this list because I’m wearing them so much right now. I like how the gold adds a little glam to a casual look, and they’re very comfortable to walk in as long as you don’t need support. The sole even has some light cushioning in it for added comfort.

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