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In all seriousness…

Why The Church? – Thinking Christian (hat tip to Shannon) (This is Shannon’s brother, and also a friend of ours.  We found out about our small world connection several months ago!)

From the Tongue to the Lips – Adventures in Babywearing

On a lighter note…

Top Ten Revisit Cute Infant Pasts – Idol Savant (This guy’s Idol recaps are THE BEST.  You MUST subscribe to him.)

Near. Far. Wherever you are. I know that I’ll save myself first. – Bye Bye Pie  (I could NOT stop laughing after I read this post.  I’m serious.  I laughed for about 30 minutes.)

Blog Reactions – Genesis Moments (I can relate to this all too well, although I hopelessly try to deny it in my comment on her post.)

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