Keeping Memories Alive #LifeIsASpecialOccasion

I’ve talked a lot recently about how meaningful it is to receive a hand-written note — especially in this digital age because it’s so quickly becoming a lost art. But not only are snail mail and personal notecards becoming a lost art, so is handwriting.

Some schools have even begun to eliminate handwriting from their curriculum, citing it as an outdated and soon-to-be-obsolete form of communication.

I find this sad in more ways than one. Let’s forget for a minute that you can’t always rely on technology and there are times when writing thoughts and lists down on paper is just more efficient, and let’s also ignore the research that suggests learning cursive is an important tool for cognitive development.

What about the MEMORIES that handwriting creates?


I have saved several cards that are special to me over the years, and I wish I’d saved more because looking back at those cards and notes dredge up memories and evoke feelings I associate with dear friends and loved ones in a way that a type-written note or email never could.

Some of my most treasured notes are from my grandparents.

When I was growing up, my Gramma would never miss an occasion to send a card. For every holiday, we could depend on finding a card in the mail with her lyrical handwriting and a flat pack of Trident chewing gum inside. Remember when Trident came in flat packs of 5 sticks? I would sometimes bite one in half to make the pack last twice as long. I always think of my Gramma when I see Trident, even though it no longer comes in packs that slip easily into an envelope.

Now that my Gramma passed away, my Grampa has taken to signing our cards. He also writes his own thank you notes. His labored scrawl is nowhere near as pretty as hers but it’s every bit as meaningful — maybe more so because I know how he struggles to pen his words. He could easily have his secretary type them up, but he writes them himself because he knows the value of a personal note. It’s ingrained in him because he was raised in a time that valued handwriting and personal correspondence.

I save almost every card I get from him now, and I wish I’d saved more from my other friends and loved ones. I keep meaning to poke through the attic and find that hatbox with the cards from my childhood.

This month again Hallmark sent me a box of cards to use for my own personal correspondence. I always love looking through the new selection they send… some sentimental, some fun, some just plain silly. Six months into this collaboration with Hallmark, I have quite a collection! I love it because now there’s no excuse not to send a card when the idea strikes. I just go to my little Hallmark stash and pick one that fits the occasion and the recipient. They do seem to have something for almost everyone.

This month my favorite was this simple card. This is just the reminder I need right now as I strive for gratefulness each day.


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