Last Week of School!

I know many of you are already out of school for the summer.  My daughter is done with preschool, but my son has one more week of 2nd grade.  I’m psyched for the 3rd grade.  I guess it’s because I was a 3rd grade teacher in my former life.  I love that age.  I love the subject matter.  It’s just a great time.

This week the kids are only going half days.  The school district called yesterday to inform us of this change.  Evidently several elementary schools in our district do not have air conditioning.  With the freakish temperatures we are having here in PA, they have decided to have mercy on the kids and teachers and let them out early.

And my son’s response?  Disappointment.  I KNOW!  What gives?  Evidently today is supposed to be "Fun Day" and now he only gets half a fun day.  He is not amused.

Speaking of these freakish temperatures, (um, global warming much?) I have a question to ask.  WHY is it that it can be 98 degrees outside, and yet all the air-conditioned buildings are FRIGID inside?  What is so difficult about setting the thermostat so that we are comfortable?  HUH?  I don’t get it.

In my information packet from the She Speaks gang, we were warned that it will be very cold in the conference center and to be sure to bring jackets or sweaters.  And yesterday at church, it was so cold that we women were huddling in the back, commiserating.  One of my friends finally grabbed someone’s long-lost coat off the coat rack, evidently left behind by some unfortunate soul, and wore it around for the rest of the morning.

Nothing makes me grumpier than being cold.  I’ve waited ALL. WINTER. LONG. for warmer temperatures, and now that I have it, I have to huddle under a jacket when I’m indoors??  WHY? 

I do not want to wear a jacket.  I want to wear my cute tank tops that have been in hibernation all winter long.  I don’t want to worry about goosebumps and headlights and making sure I grab a jacket before I walk out the door.  Even if it is my favorite denim jacket that hides my muffin top.  Okay, so I guess there ARE benefits.  But still.  TURN THE AIR CONDITIONING UP, PLEASE!  Just a few degrees.  Just nudge it.  It’s THAT simple.  REALLY!!!

Okay, rant over.  It’s time for me to get my son up and ready to go to school.  One more week, and we can hang out at home all morning if we want.  I CANNOT WAIT.

Meanwhile, I have a really fun giveaway planned for this week.  It involves every girl’s best friend — jewelry.  So don’t stray too far from your computer, ‘kay?  I’ll have it up sometime this morning.

Oh, and hey.  Check out Chic Critique! We’re talking about daytime moisturizers.

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  1. So what is the ideal temprature inside in the summer? We have ours set at 72 works well for both me and my husband (Sammy is to young to have any say).

  2. I know! I always hated that. In Houston, where it’s hot all the time, the contrast is unbearable. In my own house, where I’m paying for you, you know I’m nudging it up all the time. Why not save money, fuel resources etc??

    My daughter still has 10 days of school, but we just heard last night that they will have early dismissal today as well, because of heat (and only a few unairconditioned schools). Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer, so I think that they will get out early then as well.

  3. shivering at my desk as i type… it’s like that here too – only my building is so old, there isn’t temperature adjustments – there’s a boiler (for the winter) that comes on when temps drop below 50 outside and a chiller (for the summer) that comes on when the temps go over 70. all automatic. we have NO control over it whatsoever.

  4. I hope that your comment will make a difference in air conditioning administrators worldwide! who IS it that sets the temp so low anyway???

    Ahh, but its just coming into winter in Australia, and a balmy 26 degrees Celcius is far from cold her in Qld!

  5. We’re down to the last week also. I can’t wait until Friday afternoon when my kids will feel like their mine for the summer!

  6. That’s why I don’t think I could live in a really hot climate. (I lived in Phoenix one summer; it seemed like an eternity.) I hate that contrast between the outdoors and inside. I really try to use my AC as little as possible in the summer for that very reason.

  7. I have a son that just finished 2nd grade. I agree, I love this age (most of the time). Anyway, here in AZ where it is 107 outside, we usually keep the inside around 78.

  8. I laugh when I read these comments!
    Ya’ll would all just die if you lived in my house where is stay 68 to 67 year round! (A Diva has to keep cool!) No matter the temp outside!
    Now, once in a BLUE moon, I may turn it to 69 just to keep the DH happy. But that’s it! I am not going higher than that!
    Here in NC, you can’t find a store or building COOL. The heat with the humidity will kill ya! I would love to hear what you say about the stores in NC when you get back from your trip! 🙂

  9. I hear ya on the air conditioning. It is 90 outside but I’m sitting with a sweater on in my office because they keep the building so freaking cold.

    Don’t they realize how many jobs our company could save (or how much higher our bonuses could be) if we adjusted the AC by just a few degrees? 😉

  10. Ever since having Ladybug, I have been a furnace. I sweat constantly unless the AC is 72 or lower. I prefer 68 degrees. Sorry, but you’ll have to bring a sweater to my house.

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