Lessons from “Down The Shore”

Shortly after I met Husband, he made a reference to his family’s annual vacation "going down the shore".  And I was like, "Come again?" 

You see, we grew up "going to the beach".  But I soon learned that if you are from the Philadelphia suburbs, whether it be the Pennsylvania or the New Jersey side, any reference to the Jersey beaches is dubbed "down the shore". 

I found the phrasing rather quaint and endearing, and I adopted it easily.  It didn’t take me long before I was "going down the shore" with the best of them. 

Well, we "went down the shore" this past week with Husband’s family, and even though this is our twelfth such trip, there are still new lessons to learn.  Such as…

1) There are a lot of people who look better in a bathing suit than I do.

2) But there are also a lot of people who look worse in a bathing suit than I do.

3) There is a reason the bottle of sunscreen says to reapply.  Ooops.

4) The last ones up from the beach may get a cold shower.

5) Happy Hour may begin any time after the lunch dishes are put away.

6) No matter how straight your hair is naturally, or how much pomade you may apply, after a day in the humid beach air, it will be a frizzy mess.

7) Don’t get too engrossed in your novel while in charge of a curious toddler on the beach.  She can wander off faster than you would think.

8) Thank the good Lord above for yellow bathing suits that stand out from the crowd.  (See #7.)

9) Along the same vein, a camouflage-colored rash guard does not enable you to differentiate your child from the 150 other children riding the waves out on the horizon.  Next year, consider a bright orange or red for better visibility.

10) Radio static makes a pretty good substitute sound machine when you accidentally leave the real thing at home.

11) Five people sleeping in two twin beds makes for rather snug sleeping arrangements.

12) What seems to be an innocent trip to the Boardwalk could result in bringing home a new pet.  (Stay tuned…)

13) Mack and Manco Pizza ROCKS.