Long Day

It’s been a very long day. 

A long day that started at 6AM this morning.

A long day full of partying all the while trying to keep a busy 20-month-old out of trouble in a house full of 70 senior citizens.

And a long day that ended with my first speeding ticket in 10 years. 

I was clocked going 69 in a 40.  Although I’m SURE there is no way I could have been going that fast.  I’m positive I was only going about 62.  You can see how that really changes matters, can’t you?

I totally blame the fact that I was driving Husband’s mammoth truck because he about got his eye poked out trying to prove old white men can still jump in what started out as a friendly game of 2-on-2 with his nephews and ended up with an elbow to the eye so that he couldn’t see to drive home.  And he has this nasty red blotchy thing on the white of his eye.  ::shudder::

I tried to explain the situation to the kind young officer, but he didn’t seem to consider that a valid reason for going 30 miles over the posted speed limit.  So he wrote me a nice little citation to help me remember to pay closer attention to my speedometer the next time I get behind the wheel of Husband’s truck. 

Fun, huh?

I just wish I could remember the questions coming from the backseat.  The kids were so confused.  They wanted to know why the policeman needed help, among other classic questions that are escaping me at the moment.  I asked Husband if he was taking notes for my blog, but he wasn’t amused.

I’ll give him kuddos though.  He was very gracious about my ticket.  He told me not to worry about it.  And that right there is why I love him.  He just doesn’t get worked up over the small stuff.  Which is why we’re such a perfect match, because I get worked up enough for the both of us.

But I wanna know one thing.  Since when are policemen young enough to be my kids?  It’s pretty hard to take law enforcement seriously when he still has pimples and looks like he could be planning his prom.

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6 Responses

  1. Are you kidding? YOU look like you could be planning your prom. I’m not kidding either. Or flattering.

    Anyway, bummer you got a ticket, but I guess that’s life eh?

  2. Gadget Man is the regular contributor to the municipal coffers in our household. I wish he’d pay better attention when he drives, because it frightens me to think what could happen when he’s on one of his mental vacations. I don’t sweat him about the money, since he earns all the money any way, and he beats himself up enough for both of us. Also, the periodic tickets serve a purpose. He’s real careful for at least a couple of weeks after getting a ticket.

    And, the kid who stitched WonderBoy’s head up the day after Christmas (you have a son – I’m sure I don’t really have to explain) looked like he was on Christmas Break from high school. Seriously. Zits and all. How’d that happen?

  3. Well that must’ve spoiled your weekend! Why didn’t you get a picture to post of the nice young policeman? Bet that would’ve gone over great……probably a bigger ticket!

  4. I KNOW! I was at a stop light yesterday and I looked over at the cop and he looked to be about 17 with an ever so present acne dilemma.

    Sucks about the ticket, girl. ugh.

  5. This is why I love my husband – I’m just like you and get all worked up over everything and he remains calm.

    Sounds like you have a good guy.

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