Loser Mom

This afternoon I have half the neighborhood at my house.  Okay, so I exaggerate.  But two little girls from down the street are visiting.  Which makes a total of four little girls swarming through my house.  Which, after years of having swarms of boys throughout my house, is quite a novelty.

A few minutes ago, while I was busy playing working at the computer, a herd of little girls appeared beside me, asking for snacks.  I told them that it’s getting close to dinnertime and we weren’t doing snacks.  I told them to go play, and back to "work" I went.

A bit later, my 2-year-old came into the room with an individual snack bag of frosted animal crackers and asked me to "openin".  I don’t buy individual snack bags, so I immediately knew this snack was not from my house.  I asked her were she got it, but I couldn’t understand her baby babble so I went out to the front of the house to find the other three little girls sitting on the foyer steps, each with her own individual snack bag, munching happily.

When I inquired, I discovered that one of the neighbor girls went home, got the snacks for everyone from her mother’s pantry, and came back.

Clearly my answer wasn’t satisfactory, so they took matters into their own hands.  I’m sure their mother (who had her turn with my kids at her house this morning AND fed my kids lunch today) wonders why I’m sending her kids home to pilfer snacks instead of providing them myself.

I shuttled them all into the kitchen and set them down to the table to finish their snacks.  Before long one little girl got up and informed the others that she was going to run home and get drinks.  I wasted no time jumping up and offering glasses of milk, just to prove that I’m not a TOTAL loser mom.  YEESH!