Lost in Translation

I borrowed copied stole this idea from somewhere.  I’d gladly give credit if I could remember where on earth I saw it.

My 2-year-old is saying the cutest things.  I just love her voice inflection and the way she pronounces difficult words.  I thought I’d record some of them here.  I’m always translating for whoever is around, so here are some of the most common translations I find myself making:

Dee-Dee = David (her big brother)

Gee-Gee = Caroline (her big sister) 

Although she has just recently begun saying David quite clearly and "Yaha-yine," which is about the cutest thing I’ve EVER heard.

Dan-du-yee = Granddiddy (my dad is visiting this week)

Jammie = Grammie

Chain-choo = Thank you

This is one of my personal favorites.  I chuckle every time I tell her to go find her shoes:

Cocks = Crocs

I wear MY feet fops = I want to wear my flip flops. 

Yes, she is obsessed with shoes.  Hello, kettle?  This is pot.)

Oshay = Okay

By selfs = by myself (I hear that one a lot.  She’s an independent one.)

And along those lines…

I do! = I’ll do it.

I ‘anna pay ween-set = I want to play on the swingset.  Which is then followed by…


On the way to school in the mornings, my 5-year-old loves to play I Spy.  Now the 2-year-old is getting in on the fun…

I pie sumpin JEAN! = I spy something green.

And her answer always is…

Chuck! = Truck!

She loves to sing Jesus Loves Me.  She can sing the whole thing from start to finish, and it is quite recognizeable.  It starts out like this…

Gee-jush wub me, dis I yo!!!!!

This one probably needs no translation, but it’s so cute, I had to include it…

I so mad.

And my personal favorite…

I wub you.