Lost in Translation

I borrowed copied stole this idea from somewhere.  I’d gladly give credit if I could remember where on earth I saw it.

My 2-year-old is saying the cutest things.  I just love her voice inflection and the way she pronounces difficult words.  I thought I’d record some of them here.  I’m always translating for whoever is around, so here are some of the most common translations I find myself making:

Dee-Dee = D (her big brother)

Gee-Gee = C (her big sister) 

Although she has just recently begun saying D quite clearly and "Yaha-yine," which is about the cutest thing I’ve EVER heard.

Dan-du-yee = Granddiddy (my dad is visiting this week)

Jammie = Grammie

Chain-choo = Thank you

This is one of my personal favorites.  I chuckle every time I tell her to go find her shoes:

Cocks = Crocs

I wear MY feet fops = I want to wear my flip flops. 

Yes, she is obsessed with shoes.  Hello, kettle?  This is pot.)

Oshay = Okay

By selfs = by myself (I hear that one a lot.  She’s an independent one.)

And along those lines…

I do! = I’ll do it.

I ‘anna pay ween-set = I want to play on the swingset.  Which is then followed by…


On the way to school in the mornings, my 5-year-old loves to play I Spy.  Now the 2-year-old is getting in on the fun…

I pie sumpin JEAN! = I spy something green.

And her answer always is…

Chuck! = Truck!

She loves to sing Jesus Loves Me.  She can sing the whole thing from start to finish, and it is quite recognizeable.  It starts out like this…

Gee-jush wub me, dis I yo!!!!!

This one probably needs no translation, but it’s so cute, I had to include it…

I so mad.

And my personal favorite…

I wub you. 

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15 thoughts on “Lost in Translation

  1. lol at susan above!

    my 5 yr old (with improving speech impediments) still has some of that toddler-speak going on. every now and then i’ll have to translate – or better yet, get his big sister to translate. and yes – the favorite from ours was/is “i lub you momma”

  2. Oh so sweet….such a tender age. I’m glad you are enjoying it so much.

    When my (almost 9 year old!) daughter was 2, she would ask me to turn on the air conditioner in the car (we’re in Texas, so that was the immediate response when I would put her in her car-seat) and she would say “air shundicker.” SIGH…loved it.

  3. Two is such a precious age, isn’t it? My baby just turned two and my favorite thing to hear her say is “laloo mommy” = love you, mommy.

    I recently had a birthday and she’s still singing “happy burtday t’yoooo, happy burtday t’yoooo” These times, they are the sweetest. 🙂

  4. When my #2 son was 2, we thought he was speaking Chinese most of the time. Our favorite was when he pronounced coffee “fahkwah.” We would tell him:
    “Say coff.”


    “Now say Feee.”




  5. I love this post. It brought a smile to my face. I have a 2 1/2 year old that speaks pretty much the same. It’s so cute!

  6. I love this and what a great way to remember how they spoke years from now. I may have to try to write down some of Nathan’s mispronunciations.

    By the way, I tried to reply to your Twitter and it wouldn’t let me, but I’ve been crazy busy this week. Yard sale on Sat! Lunch this week is out, maybe next week?

  7. I wub yo – ahhhhh. I can hear all of us in our squeaky baby voices, “that is so cUte!”

    thanks for posting!

  8. Precious! My nephew can now say his first and middle names. He is 21 months. He says “I wu-wub you, [insert name here],” stumbling over love. It’s so cute. He also sings, I kid you not,

    “Beeeeeeeeeest bo world!”

    He has lots of words, but those two might be my faves. “Huh?” is my least favorite.

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