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First, let me take care of some overdue bloggy bizness.

Big hugs to T with Honey, A Daily Dose of Toni, Stop and Smell the Chocolates, and Darla for awarding me the Brilliante Weblog award and to Girlymama for the Arte y Pico award!  Also, Carolyn has awarded me the You Make My Day award.  (If I’ve missed any other awards, my sincere apologies!!)

Thanks, girls.  Mmwah!!  *air kiss*

And now I’m laughing because anyone who knows me KNOWS I am so not a fan of the air kiss.  A light, friendly hug is fine.  But my kisses are reserved for the people who live under my roof, thankyouverymuch!

Also.  I need to announce the winner of the JJ and Fresh Gems giveaway.  And the winner is Neurotically Yours!  Congrats, girl!!  I will be contacting you via email for all the pertinent information.

Fresh Gems would like to remind you that the crystal cube earrings are
only $15 and the other 4 pairs are only $10 each, so even if you didn’t
win, you can still have some fabulous earrings. 

And also, to keep your jewelry organized and untangled on vacation, make sure to order yourself a JJ.  And while you’re at it, order a second one and put it away for a Christmas gift.  Your mom or sister or BFF will love to get such a unique and practical gift.

Can I just say that yesterday was the most beautifully glorious day, and today promises to be another.  It’s sunny and
breezy, and the temps are only in the low 80s so I’ve turned off the A/C
and opened all the windows.

I love and adore summer, and it’s going by way too fast.  I’ve
already started thinking about the chill of winter, and I’m absolutely
dreading it.  Is that weird? 

I’ve always been one to enjoy the moment and not waste time with
regrets about the past or wishing time away by looking ahead.  Except
for when I was pregnant.  I would have gladly skipped those 9 months
with no qualms.  But I’m certainly not one to dread a whole season.  I
guess I need to get ahold of myself, don’t I?  I’m in control over my
attitude.  That’s what I’d tell my kids, so why is it so hard to listen
to my own advice?

Speaking of attitude adjustments, I posted a few weeks ago about wanting to have more of a
God-attitude, and I’m amazed at how I have become more thankful, more joyful, more prayerful — just by getting my priorities straight.  I wish I could say that I’ve become the model wife, mother, and friend overnight, but we all know it doesn’t really work that way. 

In fact, I am really struggling with my reactions to one particular child.  It’s an on-going battle that sometimes I fear I will never conquer.  I am thankful for this post of Missy’s earlier in the week that reminded me that even when I’m not the perfect parent, God’s grace is sufficient.  Or, as she so poignantly put it, Oh, thank God our babies’ Father watches when we mothers drop the ball.


And now, because I’m clearly a glutton for punishment, I am off to take my three kids and one of their friends to the pool.  Hold me.

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  1. Hi Jo-Lynne – I’m the complete opposite of you in that I ADORE winter and fall. They’re my favorite seasons. 🙂

  2. I, too, am in fear of Winter. Not to get all Debbie-Downer or anything, but with the price of heating oil skyrocketing, I think that my whole family will be living (and sleeping) in fishermen sweaters……..

  3. Now that threw me for a loop. I thought I recognized that line! 🙂

    Your weather sounds WONDERFUL.

  4. Oh thanks for the air kiss…I mean hug! 🙂
    And it is hard to be a mommy everyday and I am so thankful that God knows and hears our prayers and watches over us mommies every day everywhere!

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