Lurkers, This Is For YOU!

I’ve lost count of the number of commenters who said on the Julian & Co. giveaway that they are longtime lurkers finally coming out of the woodwork for the first time.  See why I do these giveaways, now?  And y’all thought I was just being nice.

<insert evil cackle>

Naw, really, it means SO much to me to get those comments, and as much as I would love it if you would COMMENT MORE OFTEN, ALREADY, I totally understand the desire to lurk, and lurking is just fine if that’s how you are most comfortable.

But I want to say that I appreciate you reading, and if you DO find yourself with something to say every once in a while, please don’t hesitate to jump right in.  I don’t bite.  I promise.  Unless you are made of chocolate, and then all bets are off.

I’m also writing in to say that I will be taking a sort of blogging break.  By sort of I mean that I won’t be writing mega epistles for a while, although I know myself better than to think that I can stop posting altogether.

The main reason I need to slow down is that I am having some symptoms of carpal tunnel, and if it’s not that, then it’s some other undesirable condition that is affecting my right arm and hand.  Whatever it is, I’m hoping to get to the bottom of it today when I go see my doctor. 

I know I need to rest it, and although I’m getting quite adept at operating the mouse with my left hand, even typing seems to aggravate it.  Please say a prayer that it’s nothing serious.  As you well know, my hands are my mouthpiece.

‘Nuff said.  Going to rest now.  Really.  I am.  Promise.  Slap me if you see another post from me today.

Oh yeah.  One more thing.  I know, I’m really bad at following doctor’s orders.  I have some Tips & Tricks on using eyebrow pencil over on Chic Critique today.  Why don’t you come and visit me over there.

Okay.  Over and out.