May I Have Your Attention Please

I have a fun giveaway going on this week at my review blog.  Check it out!  This does NOT replace my regular weekly giveaway here on Musings.  That is still to come.

Also, on Chic Critique today I’m having a "Best Of" edition.  I’m giving a rundown of the best products I’ve reviewed over the past few months — basically, the ones I’m still using and loving. 

And don’t forget that tomorrow is I Tried It Tuesday.  (And also my birthday.  Not that I am too happy about getting a year older, but any excuse for cake, you know?)

Finally, DCR Design is open for business.  (I have discovered that wearing that brace on my hand helps alleviate my hand and arm discomfort.  YAY!)  I’m also looking for a few satisfied customers to write a brief testimonial.  You can find the details here.

That’s all.  As you were.