Mean Mommy!

It seems as though the Halloween Season is already upon us.  Yes, I am hereby declaring that Halloween is, in fact, now officially A Season.  After all, there are stores at the mall entirely devoted to Halloween costumes, there are Halloween lawn ornaments, Halloween lights, and Dept. 56 now even has Halloween lighted houses.  You heard it here first.  Halloween is the new Christmas.

So.  Now that we’ve established Halloween’s new status, the question is, what will YOU be for Halloween?  (Actually, in Christian circles, the question is, do you celebrate Halloween?  But we’re just gonna bypass that touchy subject and move on to the fun stuff.)

Back when I was an ambitious hostess with only once child, I used to have Halloween parties every year and everyone would dress up, even the adults.  We would have a big contest for the best costume, and it got to be quite competitive.  That was SO much fun.  I’ll be posting pictures from these parties for Wordless Wednesdays in October.

But now that I’m old and tired and have three kids to outfit for Halloween, the parties and adult costumes have gone by the wayside.  And have I mentioned that all three of my kids have birthdays in the fall?  Plus Christmas is looming?  So it’s easy for Halloween to get lost in the shuffle.  And with so many presents to buy this time of year, I’m not all that excited about breaking the bank to buy Halloween costumes.

So here is my conundrum.

C has a gorgeous Cinderella dress that she got for her birthday last year, complete with shoes and a wand and a crown. 

My mom bought it, and I don’t even dare guess what she spent on it.  It was for playing dress-up, but it has hardly been used and is in pristine condition.  So of course I’m all, What a perfect Halloween costume!  We’re set!  YAY!

I’m sure you know where this is going.

C does NOT want to wear the Cinderella costume for Halloween.  She wants to be Ariel.  Or Hannah Montana.  In other words, ANYONE but Cinderella.  Cinderella is SO last year.

So here’s my question.  Is it mean to make her wear it?  I’ve explained to her my reasons.  But she’s not buying it.  Should I just suck it up and buy her another costume?  Or am I well within my Mommy rights to insist she wear something she has in he closet? 

Her fate lies in YOUR hands, Internets.  I hope you realize what a weighty responsibility this is.